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National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week: 10 Lead Poisoning Prevention Tips by Susan H. Patient ExpertFacebook It’s National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week, and the California Poison Control System.... “Lead poisoning is an important cause of learning disabilities, anemia, as well as growth problems...
Childhood Lead Poisoning Leads to Life of Violent Crime by Jennifer Lance Patient Expert our children from lead poisoning through the Consumer Product Safety Information Act, however misguided... factor for criminal behavior, including violent crime.” » See also: Lead Poisoning of Children...
Autism and Lead Poisoning by Harold L D. Patient Expert to protect the fetus. In Autism and Autistic Symptoms Associated with Childhood Lead Poisoning... who, during periods of severe lead poisoning, developed autism or autistic symptoms. In the abstract portion...
Lead Poisoning of Children Causes Chinese Villagers to Storm Factory by Jennifer Lance Patient Expert 615 children have been poisoned by lead in the Chinese province of Shaanxi prompting angry... after the first child was reported with severe lead poisoning. Officials insist that “groundwater, surface water...
Lead Poisoning of Children Causes Chinese Villagers to Storm Factory by Jennifer Lance Patient Expert 615 children have been poisoned by lead in the Chinese province of Shaanxi prompting angry... testing. Image: Xinhua Tweet This Post Tags: China, greenpeace, lead poisoning, parental activism...
Lead Poisoning from Paint Still a Kids Safety Issue by Jennifer Lance Patient Expert this month, lead poisoning due to consumer paint is still an issue. Why? Much of our paint comes... that lead poisoning in kids can cause irreversible brain damage, impair mental function, slow mental...
Lead Poisoning & Special Ed - Revisited by Jim Gerl Patient Expert of lead poisoning in the children in the Detroit public school system. I'm still alarmed... that further develops the link between lead poisoning and autism. The results are frightening. Anybody interested...
Lead Poisoning Treatment Less Effective for Mercury by A drug commonly used to treat lead poisoning is relatively ineffective... has been shown to effectively remove lead from the body and is commonly used to treat lead poisoning. A research team led by Dr...
My Children Had Lead Poisoning And Yours May Too by Jennifer Lance Patient Expert permeate an entire neighborhood! When we had them tested we were told they had lead poisoning... anywhere. We did not fit the outdated, preconceived demographic for lead poisoning and it took us nearly two months...
It's National Lead Poison Prevention Week! by Johann The Dog Patient Expert This week is National Lead Poison Prevention Week, a week to create awareness of the dangers of lead poisoning. Originally designed to bring awareness of lead dangers for children, the National

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Causes ... whooping cough, rabies, allergic reaction to a vaccination and lead poisoning. In over 50% of cases, the cause of infectio ... » Read on
Causes ... 4 weeks. Food poisoning Most cases of bacteria ... » Read on