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Kathleen Bluffton, Indiana
My name is Kathleen and growing up I was never what you would call an overweight child... More
I began eating cleaner earlier this year (2011) and to date I have lost 23 lbs! Eating clean is a... More
Peter M. San Francisco, California
Hi. Looking to eat healthier foods and lose a few in the process.
Veronica S. San Francisco, California
38 y/o nursing student in a group study to lose weight. So far I have lost 14 lbs but it doesn't... More
Cristen O. Mountain View, California

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One pound is equal to 3500 calories. Simply and mathematically speaking, you would need to have roughly negative 1500 calories between diet and exercise each day to acomplish this.  So, if you need 1800 calories each day
Body scan of a 250 lbs woman vs a 120 lbs woman by Krizia MissK Healthy Living Professional of a 250 lbs woman versus a 120 lbs woman? The difference is simply shocking. When you look at the two... > Her head is larger > Her shoulders are really wide > She’s essentially twice the size of the 120 lbs...
5 lbs of Fat vs 5 lbs of Water by Israel L. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Center schooled Frank on what 5 pounds of fat looked like and what the difference in losing 5 lbs of fat was compared to losing 5 lbs of water weight. This is an article from's Healthy Weight...
185 lbs down to 171 lbs by MTHFR and Me Patient Expert Well I am down from 185 lbs to 171 lbs :) This diet is a rough one but it seems to be working. LOL It is getting hard to do an hour of exercise a day when I am sick all the time on the Metformin. I had no idea...
Average weight for women in the U. S. has changed from 147 lbs. in 1994 to 153 lbs. by Ben S. The average weight for women has increased by 6 lbs. but the ideal weight in the average woman’s mind has only increased by 2 lbs. The weight gain came as a shock for me, because of all the new...
Weekly Weigh-In: Another 3.8 lbs Lost, 70.4 lbs Total by Israel L. Patient ExpertHealth Maven I. Am. On. Fire. I’ve lost another 3.8 lbs this week. That brings my total weight lost to 70.4 lbs. SEVENTY!!!! That’s crazy. I now weigh 277.6 lbs. I have 30 more pounds to lose to reach...
Jonelle went from 227lbs to 135lbs by Carol Dunlop Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Listen to internet radio with Fit4Life Radio on Blog Talk Radio Jonelle was always heavy, but she came to a point where she couldn’t take it anymore and decided to do something about it. On her own, watching DVDs a
How I lost 100 lbs., one pound at time by Todd S. Healthy Living Professional of losing 90 lbs. and gaining my health back.  Well as of 5/9/2009 I have met and exceeded all of my wildest... of reaching 185 lbs., which to be honest I wasn’t sure I was capable of doing.  I hadn’t...
Lose weight. Hey I am not a pro but I can tell you that going on a diet plan and exercising can help you. 5lbs in 2 weeks is reasonable. Also have a look at some diet plans...
269.6lbs, 2.4 lbs lost this week, 26.6lbs lost total by k2theforrest myself for such a long time. 265lbs, it looms over me. I can't even imagine how I will feel passing it. The real weight... about that yet. I can't believe how close I am to 265lbs, though. It's such a landmark number for me. It's...

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