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Jenna Smith California
Noted author and reporter shares tips to overcome Lyme disease, and enjoy super-charged energy... More
Stephanie C. Addington, Oklahoma
Well hello all!  I am just your everyday, ordinary domestic goddess.  Trying day by day... More
thisfullhouse Aberdeen, New Jersey
6 people living in a 7 room house? This Full House is a full-frontal encounter into my life as a... More
Our son, Simon Lev , became suddenly ill when he was 4 months old and was diagnosed with Heart... More
Sam's Mom Westchester, Illinois
Lawyer, wife, sister, friend, daughter, seamstress, wood furniture re-finisher, 100 wpm typist,... More

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To-Do Tuesday – Laundry, Laundry, Laundry by wheresthebox Patient Expert . The new dryer is coming this afternoon, so as long as all goes well, the laundry marathon can commence.... Catch up on all the laundry. Send in registration for TOPSoccer. Do homework for IEP workshop...
Feeding the Microbiota: Non-Starch Polysaccharides (NSP), Resistant Starch (RS) and Mucous by Dr. B G Doctor of Pharmacy RESISTANT STARCH GRANULES "During the co-evolution of man and microbes, the human intestinal...? The primary foods are fiber, mucous and starch that resists small intestine digestion. If the gut is diseased...
inferior "starches" are the refined carbs. white rice, white sugar and white four products and pasta's.  The better term for healthy starches is complex carbohydrates.  They are made from whole grains...
Mick, interesting question.  Eating starch is not going to make your blood thicker any more than drinking water is going to make your blood thinner. 
No, it is not true. Some types of fiber are absorbed but those which are not , do not interfer with the absorption of carbohydrates. And fiber is good for you . But go slow on increasing it in your diet. Otherwise you might f
You "Ask", I Answer: Modified Corn Starch/Constipation by Andy B. Healthy Living Professional My dietitian at the gym said that modified corn starch is not good because it is a strong "binding" agent and can cause constipation. Cheerios [have] modified corn starch as [the second] ingredient...
Non-GMO Corn Starch … for a Fair Price! by Alisa Fleming Patient Expert the following response … “All of our products, including our Corn Starch, are non-GMO.” Yes...
You Ask, I Answer: Hydrogenated Starch by Andy B. Healthy Living Professional I recently saw an ingredient called "hydrogenated starch." What is it? Is avoidance prudent? -- Corey Clark (Location withheld) Let me guess -- you saw hydrogenated starch as an ingredient...
You Ask, I Answer: Modified Corn Starch by Andy B. Healthy Living Professional What do you think of (modified)cornstarchshowing up on ingredient lists? I know high fructosecornsyrup is extremely concentrated in sugar and causes insulin spikes making one more prone to hunger/consuming more calories...
There's Something About Starch by Matt M. Patient Expert I wrote earlier this year about evidence that starch may have played a bigger role in Paleolithic diets than previously thought.  A new paper adds to this discussion.  Researches looked for starch...

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Making changes ... Eating more starchy foods . Starch is a good energy provider and adding it t ... » Read on
Treatment ... Reduce your intake of 'resistant starch' (starch that resists digestion in the small intestine an ... » Read on