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Sreenivas K. Palo Alto, California
Hello/Hola/Namaskar (English/Spanish/Indian) I'm a resident of Bay Area, California. Like so... More
Tek Charlotte, North Carolina
Late thirties, father, DJ, Event Promoter, Technician, and other things in my spare... More
NatashaCall Saratoga Springs, Utah
From the time I was properly diagnosed with late-stage Lyme, I have had a new lease on... More
We're a mother-daughter team. Dot is in her late twenties and has had fibromyalgia, chronic pain... More

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Early Puberty? Thank The British Orphans by Dr. Polly Doctor of Philosophy Puberty has been on my mind a lot lately and not just because I have girls in the right... girls are starting puberty earlier. My own pediatrician echoed the sentiment. My girlfriends, mother...
Medical problems relating to puberty and growth by Dave W Healthy Living ProfessionalFacebook ’) or too late (‘delayed’). Early or ‘precocious’ puberty is when the physical changes of puberty... of growth and puberty disorders in children and adolescents. This will be of help to any parents, or...
Puberty and Down Syndrome ~ Part 1 by Shannon .. Registered Nurse puberty. At first, I was in denial. "Where is this rash coming from?" It was better on the days... on her (only she isn't heavy.) At first, I wondered if children with Down syndrome entered puberty early...
Maybe it's puberty by Kristie Meyer Patient Expert I think Drew is entering puberty.  He is getting more emotional and aggressive lately and the smallest (to me) things seem to set him off.  Yesterday, he had the biggest meltdown...
How Late Should Teens Sleep In? by Take Root and Write .. Patient Expert . Some of my own teens want to stay up late when they reach puberty, but some of my teens have never been night owls...! What should I do? Should I let her sleep in as late as she wants to? Or should I require her to rise when the rooster cocka...
2nd Puberty by Patient Expert : Second Puberty? Ok, crazy concept right?  Seriously, I think someone needs to do a study on this!  Let... I am. I have talked with several friends about this and have come to a conclusion: Women go through a second puberty...
101 Questions Kids Really Ask…And The Answers They Need to Know, A Parents Guide Through Puberty by Mary H. Halter by Amanda Patient Expert Healthy Edudynamics is a source for all parents with kids at the age where they are all questions.  And sometimes we have no idea how to answer them.  I remember asking my mom way back in the late 60’s how do you get babies...
Women's preferences for masculinity in male faces are highest during reproductive age range and lower around puberty and post-me by Anita Patient Expert where fertility is highest (i.e. the late follicular phase). Given the hormonal correlates of such preferences... important hormonal changes associated with age; as women pass puberty their preferences shift towards facial traits...
late late late by Joan H. Patient Expert I hate being late. I think it shows poor planning at best, disrespect at worst. Yet, I am late for everything these days. Late getting DS2 to school (DH brings the other two to school...
the "pull out" method is not an effective choice for birth control.  If you are late then all I can say is to take a test

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Treatment ... ty will not usually cause any health problems. Treatment for late puberty As with early puberty, treatments for late puber ... » Read on
Diagnosis ... oms start before eight years of age. In girls, an unusually late puberty would occur if there are no signs of breast develop ... » Read on