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I am a Registered Nurse- MSN, BSN, RN- specializing in Holistic Health and Nursing Education. I'm... More
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Emiy, 22, Ames IA. Trying hard to lose weight that I gained in pregnancy! Used to be a... More
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Benefits of Exercise During Late Pregnancy by Cassandra F. Doctor of Philosophy of this pregnancy to go! Each day my belly seems to get bigger and bigger, but (thankfully) my total body weight... for about 22 mins. Previously, before pregnancy, I still trained hard, but this type of interval training...
Artificial/assisted reproduction & increased pregnancy complications? by AtYourCervix Patient Expert (perhaps due to the other complications of the pregnancy?). I wonder if studies have been done on this topic. I'm sure..., and almost all of them have been "high risk" pregnancies for a wide variety of complications. Any readers with experience...
Hannah's Birth Story (Better late than never!) by Jill S Patient Expert a gush. I had just gone to the bathroom, so I was sure I hadn’t peed myself, which I knew is common late in pregnancy. I was hoping that maybe it was just a big gush of the liquid-y discharge I’d...
, And now i am i wud like to knw that this very late ovulation would in any way affect my pregnancy... is good and (medically) exactly what it should be.  Ovulating late does not make the egg "old...
That is taking entirely too long to end a cycle that (from what you told me) sounds like its annovulatory.   I would request the blood beta test ASAP to check for a possible pregnancy and to check...
the only thing to do at this point is to go to your physican and request a blood beta draw (where they can also check your progesterone levels to see if you have even ovulated this cycle).    
it is improbable..however ya can get caught...i say this because my other half is a body builder who has abused steroids for quite sum time..he had tests that sed his sperm count were next to nothing.(also i woz on injection
Nothing outside of just hormones out of wack. That's why I got on the pill. My uterus is displaced and that's basically all that is out of the norm. have you had your hormone levels checked? Do you know if you have PCOS or
Pregnancy Complications by Mary R. Countless aches, pains, and other physical changes pop up during pregnancy. Most of the time, they are no more than signs of normal pregnancy. But sometimes, physical symptoms can warn of a serious problem. Get educated...
Understanding Low Amniotic Fluid In Late Pregnancy by Deb .. Healthy Living Professional My last two doula clients were both induced due to a diagnosis of Oligohydramnios - low amniotic fluid. I have heard many of my students report that they were induced for the same reason, or that it was a very big concern fo

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Symptoms ... clampsia , a rare, but serious complication that usually occurs late in pregnancies, or just after the delivery of a baby it can ... » Read on
Causes ... significantly since routine immunization was introduced in the late eighties, if you get the virus during the first few months ... » Read on