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Hi James. The first thing you do to figure out the treatment is to find out what it is that you are treating ... you really should see your doctor to get a diagnosis as a first step. Good luck. 
Do I Have Genital Herpes? - Know The Signs by Healthy Living .. Patient Expert or on the genitals or anus. This may or may not be precluded by an itchy or burning rash, or... Here are some of the signs and symptoms of genital herpes. If you are having any of these symptoms...
Genital Herpes Symptoms For Males, Do You Have Herpes? by Healthy Living .. Patient Expert . Genital herpes symptoms in men usually start in the form of itching, swelling or a light rash on the penis... Though genital herpes is more common among women than men, it is still important for guys...
11 Week Big Bump, and Feeling Cow Like by Tiffany Snook Patient Expert Last night the bump just popped after dinner, I was feeling insecure about it and have been feeling so frumpy (so of course we had to take pictures). I am planning to get dolled up a few times in Las Vegas this weekend, s
My Personal Experience with Itching Disorders by Neil Kao Medical Doctor , occasionally get a fine, red, itchy rash on my lower legs. It has been bad enough to interrupt my sleep... of prescription medications available for eczema. Antihistamines do not help. I also get very large reactions...
PUPPS – horrible pregnancy rash by Sheridan Ripley Patient Expert This is something that no one talks about, it is as if it doesn’t exist, until you get it.  Then it is HUGE to you, but still isn’t imporant to anyone else. Here is my experience with PUPPS, along with great links and wha
Lamotrigine and Rashes: Not a great combination by Experimental Chimp .. Patient Expert again if the sleep thing gets sorted out. And now I get a rash. This isn’t fair. I took a more conservative approach... the drug immediately if I get a rash. Most rashes caused by lamotrigine aren’t the dreaded Stevens-Johnson...
Eczema is an itchy, red rash tha... by Rev. Dr. Richard B. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Eczema is an itchy, red rash that varies in size from a small patch of affected dry skin... on any part of the body and can produce a red skin rash, flaking, severe itching, dry, thick skin, serum...
(Bump) 65Pounds4Pattysue by Nathan L. Patient Expert This was originally posted on 5.12.08. Ben is making great seriously need to check out his latest posts and the pictures that show his weight loss so far! Meet Ben Roberts, a CFHusband blog reader. I receiv
Our Sensational Sunday by Roni N. Patient Expert Today couldn’t have started out any better. It was just Little Bean and I… You would think based on that picture he was a big grumpy bump but actually he warmed up after some baby talk by cheesy mom… Soon big br

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Introduction ... urs on the neck and face, the fingers and toes, and in men, the genitals. Anaphylaxis In rare cases urticaria can b ... » Read on
Symptoms ... rash usually affects the wrists, ankles, elbows, lower back or genitals, but other parts of the body can also be affected. Each ... » Read on