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Taylore V. Chehalis, Washington
What is Laser Reiki? It is sometimes called Instant Pain Release! Alternative Health and... More
diana d. PLANO, California
33 yr old who just had here 1st child...lost all the baby weight, but I want to become physically... More
Brandi & Shelton K. Wichita, Kansas
We're Brandi and Shelton Koskie. In 2006 we founded to chronicle our journey with... More
Larue' Columbia, South Carolina
Extensive travel, and a belife that I can solve any problem has led to becomming 40 lbs... More

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Should We Worry About Baby Fat on… Babies? by Charlotte H. Patient Expert to hear when your baby is born. “What? What’s wrong?!” I struggled to sit up as best as a woman who’s... at the baby I’d just popped out.  Finally someone answered me. “Nothing’s wrong,” the doctor said handing...
Big babies, diabetes, and childhood obesity by Angela M. Fals, MD, FAAP Medical Doctor and develop) causing a large baby or macrosomia.  These babies more to have breathing problems, difficult... between macrosomia (larger babies) and later problems with childhood overweight and obesity and  type 2 diabetes...
Overweight people are not lazy! by Theantijared Patient Expert of hair back! Like a baby Fabio! Well, a 5 foot 1, 220 pound Fabio! In 1989... something about myself. Maybe it is about you as well. When I was overweight, people called me lazy. I was so far...
baby bunching Q/A: settling big baby for little baby's nap by Linda and Cara .. Healthy Living Professional This question came from Maura on our Facebook page. Q: Any suggestions what to do with big baby (29 months) while trying to put little baby (10 months) down for her nap? I tried setting
baby bunching Q/A: little baby, big baby discipline by Linda and Cara .. Healthy Living Professional A great question from Katie on disciplining her Bunch. Q: I have two boys-almost 2 and 10 months (13.5 months apart). My 10-month old has recently started using behaviors that we are teaching my 2 year old are not okay,...
Tiny Babies, Large Questions: Ethical Issues in Prenatal and Neonatal Care by Thaddeus Pope Doctor of Philosophy Tiny Babies, Large Questions: Ethical Issues in Prenatal and Neonatal Care Sixth Annual... on tiny and vulnerable human beings. Topics and Speakers Whatever Happened to Baby Doe...
Having a baby has a large impact... by Thomas Z. Ramsøy Doctor of Philosophy Having a baby has a large impact on how we live our lives (trust me). But whereas men may react... actually stem from their babies? In other words: some of a mother’s brain cells are actually...
Large, post date second baby. Unmedicated, midwife birth in hospital with doula and husband. by Kathryn H. Patient Expert ounces and neonatologist want to schedule an emergency C-section for a large baby.  She says... have to show up for the induction and that her midwives would have caught her baby if she showed up at 43 weeks in labor...
Tiny Babies, Large Questions: Ethical Issues in Prenatal and Neonatal Care by Thaddeus Pope Doctor of Philosophy to this blog is Friday morning's program: Whatever Happened to Baby Doe? The Transformation...
Let Your Baby Sleep Enough To Avoid Overweight! by Ng Peng Hock Patient Expert become obese. Nevertheless, a recent study revealed that babies with insufficient sleep could become overweight... their risk of being overweight by the age of 3, compared to babies who get at least 12 hours of sleep per day...

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Causes ... overweight, or obese, tend not to get much exercise, and have a large waist. Women are thought to be at a high ... » Read on
Treatment ... your daily diet, although this may not be advisable if you are overweight. Linoleic acid is found in: sunflower sp ... » Read on