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10 + year wounded vet of the pharmaceutical sales industry turned raw food educator.  Founder... More
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Trick of the Trade: Bandaging the scalp laceration by Michelle Lin Medical Doctor Scalp lacerations are one of the most common injuries which present to the Emergency... just this last month! 1. Apply gauze over wound by lifting overlying hair. 2. Criss-cross hair over gauze...
Trick of the Trade: Hemostasis of finger laceration by Michelle Lin Medical Doctor Lacerations of the finger can bleed quite profusely because of digital vascularity... direct pressure over the laceration often controls the bleeding. What if this doesn't work...
Trick of the Trade: Finger nailbed laceration repair by Michelle Lin Medical Doctor lacerations are often sustained by a major crush injury, resulting in a stellate and irregular laceration... because pieces of the nailbed are often missing, as seen in the photo above. Occasionally, nailbed lacerations...
Two New Clinical Examination Tests to Detect a Superior Labral Tear / SLAP Tear by Mike Reinold Patient Expert It seems like once or twice a year I read an article about a new test to detect superior labral injuries of the shoulder, or SLAP labral tears.  Seems like the "best" test has been published many times!  With so many tests ou
Clogged Tear Ducts by Stephanie B. Patient Expert Aiden has a clogged tear duct. One that he has had since birth. Sometimes the tear duct opens up on it's own, sometimes it doesn't. Aiden's hasn't. Today Aiden had an appointment with his ophthalmologist . Aiden needs to
British PM Gordon Brown – Torn Retina by k Patient Expert A torn or detached retina is a serious eye problem.  It is, in fact, a medical emergency. If untreated, it can lead to blindness. This happens most often in older people, but can happen to younger ones as well. It now turns
Trick of the Trade: Tie-over dressing for scalp lacerations by Michelle Lin Medical Doctor Scalp lacerations are apparently a hot topic these days. This is the third post now on how to apply a bandage to a scalp laceration. Beanie hat using tubular gauze Hair braid dressing...
Trick of the Trade: Steristrip-suture combo for thin skin lacerations by Michelle Lin Medical Doctor Lacerations of elderly patients or chronic corticosteroid users can be a challenge... the typically irregularly-edged laceration. How do you repair these lacerations? Do you just slap a band-aid...
Trick of the trade: Irrigating scalp lacerations by Michelle Lin Medical Doctor about scalp lacerations. Often patients with scalp lacerations have clotted blood in their hair. While we can irrigate the wound itself (and unavoidably soaking the patient in cold irrigation fluid), a lot of blood...
Hand lacerations important health risk in commercial fishermen by Annet Lenderink Patient Expert that had caused loss of more than 3 days from work. Subjects15 reported 15 hand lacerations, of which 4 were self... lacerations should be a high priority, with first-aid training and equipment for fishing crews to improve...

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Introduction ... Cuts A cut, or laceration, is a tear, or split, in the skin. They are usually c ... » Read on
Symptoms ... und (a narrow and deep hole) to the skin. They can also cause a laceration (a jagged wound or cut), and an abrasion (a scraped a ... » Read on