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A swollen leg is described medically as edematous.  This is due to fluid retention.  The higher up you retain fluid, the worse the situation.  I suspect the dent that you noticed in your thigh...
the injury. Ask your PTrainer about exercises to strengthen your knee and hip muscles. It's... my comments for the benefit of other runners who have knee problems and read your post. ...
antibodies and remove the neutralized venom. * Swelling is the lymphatic fluid that dilutes... your leg! Hi Turtle, It's possible that you injured your knee, but won't be able to officially...
Swollen Knee update! by Florence F. Patient Expert from my knee. They removed a full 40cc (or 40ml). This is actually quite a bit of fluid to be removed... So in a post a couple of days ago, I posted a pic of me in the ER and my swollen as heck knee...
LA Times Reports "No Easy Fix for Deteriorating Knees" by Doug K. Patient Expert Well, of course that's true. There is no easy fix for knees that hurt, that maybe swollen... Inc., a scientific consulting firm, projected that the demand for replacement knee joints would more than sextuple...
The knee & the shoulder (148.6) by Laura N Patient Expert My knee is still swollen.  It can feel fine when I walk, and then if I step wrong or... never had knee problems and I'm sure it will heal quickly.  I didn't injure it exercising so it can't be that bad...
Swollen knees suck by Florence F. Patient Expert Avascular necrosis at its finest. You'll notice that the knee on the right is MUCH larger than the one on the left. And yes, its painful. :( Sent from my BlackBerry device
Hello, While I cannot speak to the connection between swollen joints and your sense of thirst, if there is one, swollen joints are the beginning of an arthritis. In the beginning stages cortizon injections may help, also ex
Meniscus tears increase knee ost ... by Dr. Rubens D. Medical Doctor Meniscus tears increase knee osteoarthritis risk By Will Boggs NEW YORK, 20 mar 2009– Damage to the meniscus in the knee joint may lead to osteoarthritis in middle-age and elderly patients. The meniscus...
to a non-surgical sports medicine specialist to consider injecting some artificial fluid into your knee...Yup!  No reason for your knee to hurt & swell unless you injured it.  The question...

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Diagnosis ... Your doctor will visually examine the back of your knee and may use a light to see how much synovial fluid is insid ... » Read on
Introduction ... filled with synovial fluid (joint fluid) that forms behind your knee. A Baker's cyst may form after an injury ... » Read on