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Born in Holland (close to the red light district). matriculated with a Ph.D. in Clinical... More
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Dust Mites, Off-Gassing and What to Do With Your Mattress by Mark S. Healthy Living Professional Dust mites are everywhere. They are true survivors, able to make it in virtually all climates... of allergenic dust mites and other parasitic bed-mates. All that cloying, billowing fluffiness...
How to combat allergies to dust mites using pillow encasings by Neil Kao Medical Doctor the pillow in the deep freezer for one day to kill the dust mites. People in Scandinavia and Canada... are called dander. See the parallel?] There are microscopic insect-like critters called dust mites that eat...
Against DUST Mites by Romelette L. Patient Expert is caused by dust mites. Unfortunately according to her, dust mites no matter how clean your house... I am so grateful. Now, I plan to ironed it every week to make sure the dust mites would go away. haha. ...
How to Reduce the Invasion of Dust Mites Into Your Homes by Neil Kao Medical Doctor Here's some more about dust mites, for those wanting some new, fresher meaty facts to chew on.  Go down this page to dust mites and then fungi (molds).  Notice there are more than two species of dust...
Wonder What Is Always Causing Your Sneezing That Doesn’t End With Spring? Suprise! It’s Not Winter, It Is Dust Mites And Other by Healthy Living .. Patient Expert If you are one of the more than 35.9 million hay fever (allergic rhinitis) sufferers in the United States, you know that the sinus pressure does not end with winter. Theses symptoms may be just beginning in the spring and
Allergy Gremlins: Eggs, Almonds & Dust Mites! by Cindy M. Patient Expert gremlin for me to avoid? Dust mites. Egad, when you read about these little critters, it's.... Did you know that 10% of the weight of a 2-year old pillow is comprised of dust mites and their droppings...
"Sugar Dust Explosion" Kills 6, Injures More, At Imperial Sugar Co. Refinery Near Savannah, Georgia -- What Does Sugar by Connie Bennett Healthy Living Professional How tragic! Six people died and 42 were injured after a sugar dust explosion at Imperial Sugar.... The culprit? Sugar dust. That's right, sugar dust in a "silo" -- where refined sugar is stored...
My Allergies Are Killing Me by The Body Chronic .. Patient Expert include pollen, mold, dust mites, certain foods, latex, animal dander, and others. 2. Mast cells...
Another one bites the RHIO dust! by Christina Thielst Patient ExpertHealth Maven A fellow RHIO blogger is reporting that another one will bite the dust and is predicting a third announcement.  I want to caution everyone, that this is all part of the natural process of the cream rising...
GE Creates HealthyMagination Report and Website–Ho Hum One More Site With Consumers Apps That Will Probably Bite the Dust by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Everybody seems to want to create the applications that are going to get consumers involved but don’t hold your breath:)  I like technology and do see how it saves time and money and “can” create better care but not at the

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Treatment ... rgents, that you think may affect the skin. Although house dust mites have been shown to trigger eczema flares, it is not r ... » Read on
Treatment ... e most common medications used are: Mebendazole - this kills the threadworms, usually with only one dose (100mg), and i ... » Read on