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Sorry, don't mean to be a PITA but it's best to ask the physician who gave you these results to interpret them for you. If you're not satisfied with that answer, get a second opinion (be sure to give report to that 2nd physic
Kidney stones can be one form of calcium deposit, but calcium deposits can occur in many places other than the kidney!
Ode To A Kidney Stone – Part 2 by Len S. Patient Expert only kidney stones, but also metastatic calcifications (cancer), arthritis and hardening of the arteries...) The most common kidney stone type contains calcium in combination with either oxalate or phosphate...
Mammograms May Help Assess Heart Risk in Kidney Patients by Denise Reynolds RD LDN Patient Expert Routine mammograms not only help early detection of breast cancer, but may also be useful in detecting calcifications in the blood vessels of patients with advanced kidney disease, according to a new
Antagonists of the Hedgehog Pathway as Therapeutics for the Treatment of Heterotopic Ossification, Vascular Calcification, and P by treatments and definite cure. Vascular calcification is a complex process that involves biomineralization..., hypertension, metabolic syndrome, chronic kidney disease, and end stage renal disease...
Genetics Home Reference: hyperphosphatemic familial tumoral calcinosis by abnormalities such as calcium buildup in the clear front covering of the eye (corneal calcification) or angioid... maintain bone strength in adults. Phosphate levels are controlled in large part by the kidneys. The kidneys...
Futility by Stacy Without An E .. Patient Expert . He'd bounce into some calcification on the left and scrape some nerves. Immensely painful. He backed... taken two kidneys and endless hours of worrying from their lives. It would be offensive to take my life...
Hearts of Stone, Arteries of Glass by Dr. B G Doctor of Pharmacy of coronary and aortic calcification in hemodialysis patients . Kidney Int. 2002 Jul;62(1):245-52. PMID... against kidneys. Additionally, clinical events track well with EBT and vascular calcifications...
Case: 45 yo Female, Perfect Framingham, Perfect Cholesterol, Perfect PLAQUE PROGRESSION by Dr. B G Doctor of Pharmacy disease: plaque in the coronary arteries) or Chronic Kidney Disease (plaque in the kidney arteries..., no symptoms, with perfect plaque progression. She has a double-digit coronary calcification score of 95...
Low Carb Paleo: Nothing's Impossible by Dr. B G Doctor of Pharmacy ) --Regression of coronary calcification EBCT score with decrease in LDL-III (dense small LDL) --Lowest Lp... for patterns, one can observe a concentrated portion of high coronary calcifications around 140-160s...

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Diagnosis ... will examine the mammography for indications of cancer, such as calcification (areas of calcium within your breast tissue) that ... » Read on
Diagnosis ... s around the shoulder joint, involving the build-up of calcium (calcification). This occurs most commonly close to the attachmen ... » Read on