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sometimes i feel... by Linea Patient ExpertFacebook like i'm tank girl, jet girl, and sub girl all in the same bathtub; all of my personalities encompassed in one expanse of bubbles and water.
"It’s close to 11 p.m., and the jet touches down in White Plains. Leaving the small corporate-jet..." by Drew W. Healthy Living Professional “It’s close to 11 p.m., and the jet touches down in White Plains. Leaving the small corporate-jet terminal with her luggage, she walks toward a black Mercedes that is idling at the sidewalk. She walks past...
I'm leaving, on a jet plane.... well I wish it was a jet! by Alice V. Patient Expert My Cape Town Weekend as FINALLY arrived!!!!!!!!!! Originally it would've been a week, but then I started working and so it had to be reduced to a weekend... which just means that there will be no time for sleep. Just kidding,
Jet Lag - Why Menopausal Women Should Not Fly by Lynette Sheppard Registered NurseHealth Maven Memory loss is one of the more disturbing manifestations of Menopause Brain. Just when it seems that it cannot get any worse, I climb on a plane for a five + hour flight. I love zoning out for such a long time period - no o
New American Gladiator Jet Got Fit By 'Cuttin' Out Sugars And Carbs' by Jimmy M. Healthy Living Professional Monica Carlson is now "Jet" on the hit NBC-TV show "American Gladiators" When NBC decided... about what she did after she found out she won that brought a big smile to my face. Jet, aka Monica Carlson, the mother of three who was crowned...
Pine Bark and Jet Lag relief by Dr. Erik McLaughlin Medical Doctor fight off “jet-lag”!  Medical News Today featured an article, last month, about an Italian study that looked at symptoms of jet lag being relieved with pine bark extract.  The original article was published...
New Methods of Liposuction - Body Jet and Cryolipolysis? by Dr. Tony Y. Medical Doctor have recently garnered attention: the Body Jet and Cryolipolysis. The Body Jet was FDA approved last summer... here for an article on the Body Jet. Cryolipolysis involves a chilling device that is placed on the skin to rapidly...
Pfizer's Corporate Jets Being Sold – Here’s a Quick Look Inside by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Today the big move is to not have big luxury jets as we all remember from a few months ago... As everyone is scaling down and looking at costs, it appears the luxury travel jets are moving to the chopping blocks...
$332 Million - New Luxury Jets For Congressional Use by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven if we are all in this together.  BD  Although lawmakers repeatedly chastised the private jet travel of government-bailed auto... dollars to buy fancy new airplanes to ferry them around the globe. The three Gulfstream 550 jets...

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