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Laura (Us) California
On January 6th 2008, my teenage daughter, Jessica, became ill with what that week was diagnosed as... More
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Jean M. Madison, Tennessee

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with clicking or cracking sounds or your jaw locks) after 2 weeks of home treatment. Notice a change... my jaw began to slightly swell just below the TM joint line. My friends suggested the possibility...
Cracked Tooth by Dr. Ellie Phillips procedures due to the risk of osteonecrosis of the jaw. Is it possible to “heal” the crack? If your system... Dear Dr. Ellie, I am very excited about starting your program. My question is about a cracked...
Jaw Clenching, Acupressure and One of the Strangest Experiences I’ve Ever Had by Charlotte H. Patient Expert as much when I do, the subject of bruxism or jaw clenching/grinding came up. I am an inveterate jaw clencher in my sleep. I’ve... that showed acupuncture to be quite effective with helping jaw issues and acupressure’s basically acupuncture...
Tough Nut to Crack by Mama's Weeds Patient Expert to get cracking here. Come to find out that when you harbor black walnuts and don’t crack them, you’ll... not just a rumor that black walnuts are hard to crack. They really are hard to crack – I’m...
Ways to Repair Broken, Fractured, Cracked or Chipped Teeth … by Dr. Syed L. Doctor of Dentistry If the tooth fracture is more severe, resulting from accident or from a bow on the jaw... are considered as dental emergencies Continued here Ways to Repair Broken, Fractured, Cracked or Chipped Teeth …
Might be time for a different dentist.  You might have irritated or even (temporarily) dislocated your temporomandibular joint, commonly known as TMJ.  Of course, your pain might be a cavity but cavities don't tend to cause c
These may be signs of stress, but there are a number of physical illnesses that may produce such symptoms. Your physician will be able to determine the cause. Best wishes Ian
on with the jaw.... Helpful Buckeye ...
Sounds like you have caused a strain in your jaw joint.  Depending upon you age-this could take a while to heal/return to normal.  Go see your dentist for an examination and a good diagnosis.  Your info...
I have two ideas: 1) Ask a dentist for an examination and treatment, and  2) Ask your physician or ENT spcialist for an examination and treatment. What you describe could be either tooth related or sinus related-you need

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Causes ... nuses (sinusitis), which sometimes causes pain around the upper jaw, or an injury to the joint that attache ... » Read on
Diagnosis ... e problem could actually be in another tooth, or even the other jaw. Your dentist will examine your teeth and ... » Read on