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Ive Been Using Triclosan During Pregnancy

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and that could make you feel a bit off until your body fully adjusts.   If you are worried take a pregnancy test.  I know when I was on Depo I had to take a test before every shot to make sure there wasn't a  pregnancy
There is probably something besides pregnancy causing  your cycle to be annovulatory.  I'd suggest making an appoint with your physican either in person or as a phone consult to examine
was it full flow? Are you breastfeeding/pumping? Are you using any form of reliable ovulation detection (ovulation predictor kits, ferning scope, temp charting, monitors, etc)?
Thank you! :) That's what I've assumed too.. I'm increaseing Fiber in my diet to see if it helps with things. the bleed directly after you took plan b was the medication doing what it is supposed...
then the result would be reliable. of course, you might not have been late at all if you had a delayed ovulation.  It would make you think your period is late but if you ovulate "later" than normal then that will extend yo
, for the first time.  So, I took a digital ClearBlue brand pregnancy test the next day on cycle day 31-32... after a couple of days right after finding out.  So, I asked for another pregnancy test 2 days later...
was light and only lasted four days that was over 3 weeks ago but i still get negative pregnancy tests. ive..., but I have 3 home pregnancy test all said negative. is it still possible that I could be pregnant ?  I've...
wanna take a test to early...someone please help hey .. ive had an unprotected sex with my ex boyfriend... because this month i hvnt had my period yet.. and i feel signs of pregnancy.. am i prgnant?? yes he pulled...
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