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Itchy White Spots On Left And Right Side Of Chest

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Nitaico California
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Safiya W. Millstone Township, New Jersey

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I can't answer your question, Amiya. This is a forum for anxiety disorders and while your symptoms may result from stress, there are many possible physical causes too which need to be checked and ruled out. Were the antibiot
But ... I Just Came Here For My Itchy Ears! by Jennifer Bunker Patient Expert it for a while and that's what I was doing. So, life was going along fine. One day last month I woke up with itchy ears... if silence as she read the volumes of papers. I left with stuff for my ears and an appointment to see...
I don't think this is related to an anxiety disorder, though no doubt it is causing you some anxiety. Your family physician should be able to determine the cause and be able to suggest a remedy. Best wishes Ian
Researchers Block Morphine’s Itchy Side Effect by Ed H. Doctor of Pharmacy Itching is one of the most prevalent side effects of powerful, pain-killing drugs like morphine, oxycodone and other opioids. The opiate-associated itch is so common that even women who get epidurals...
My Right Ear is jealous... by Cyborg Queen Patient Expert sounds, and my right hears certain sounds that my left can' it works together. I wonder if it's... As much as I'm itching to go Bilateral, I cannot do it right at this moment. First...
10 Months by Jaime Wallace Patient Expert Rick went in for bloodwork this week because he is itching all over. Itching is a side effect... attacks I don't know if I left anything out or not but that is a list of everything I could think...
What's Happening Right Now... by Karen Patient Expert it’s big and as soon as I can say it I most definitely will. For now though, the good news this side...
I've had another really "itchy" ... by Emily T. Patient Expert : try and remember that actually not everyone else is constantly taking mini-breaks left right and centre! ... I've had another really "itchy" day today; that's the only way I can describe...
thank you.. i woke up wit this yellow under both my eyes one mornin, not sore but unsightly.. and i am a 37 yr old female.. how do i get rid of it??? Thank you Dr. Geof. I will get it checked out. The medical term for fatty
annoying itching and muscle spasms by Donna Peach Patient Expert around where my tumor was in the thoracic area. At night the muscle along the right side of my spine tingles and itches severely enough to drive me crazy for a while. Sometimes it happens on the left side, but most of the time...

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