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Weight has always been an issue, and once I reached 200lbs, I knew I had to put the excuses... More
McP California
Woman who is exasperated by GI symptoms that have knocked her out of commission.  Finding it... More
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I am on many many meds for Anxiety and other things that go on in the mind. The thing is, i dont... More
Exercise, nutrition and anything health related, was something Liz had always been interested in.... More
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Nona Jordan is a Martha Beck trained mind-body coach and Kriplalu yoga and meditation instructor... More

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Have you changed your soaps, lotions and/or detergents lately?  Perhaps this is contact dermatitis?  Have you stayed overnight in any hotels lately?  There've been reports of bed bug infestations.  Have you been outdoors?  Pe
What is that Bump on my Tailbone? Pilonidal Cyst Symptoms, Treatments, Surgery by Michael A. Zadeh Medical DoctorHealth MavenFacebook What is a Pilonidal Cyst? A Pilonidal Cyst is a cyst  that develops in the midline of the tailbone near the cleft of the buttocks. The most accepted theory for the cause of these cysts is the blockage of hair … Continue read
A Common Household Product That Cures Ear Itchiness by Sarah B. Patient Expert and itchy. The inner part of my ear and the part behind the lobe gets so dry I can just peel a layer... to feel flaky and itchy, the solution may be as simple as changing your shampoo! (If want to learn...
Treatment may be dependant on cause. If this rash is in the groin (the folds of the skin) it may be due to costant wetness. In that case use powder and hydrocortisone. If it is down on the dry areas of skin...
Sorry but I'm having a difficult picturing a red bump.  It might be an ingrown hair or it might be a sexually transmitted infection, especially if you're itchy.  Since you're worried, it's best to go see
Couple of comments, and our Bump ... by Dr. Johanna Marie McShane Doctor of PhilosophyHealth Maven we should be thoughtful about how we use that term. Personally, I'm more fond of "an increase in symptoms or behaviors... that have already been present.  It's important to pay attention to relapses. Some kinds of increases in symptoms are indicative...
How Are Boils Formed And The Differnt Forms by Healthy Living .. Patient Expert of Symptoms of cysts and how cysts form? Find free information in the topic of boosting immune system...
Is Your Inner Tube Making You Sick? by Mark Hyman, M.D. Medical Doctor , scaly, itchy rash -- all over her body is perfect example of what can happen when your gut... There might be something wrong with your inner tube, and it could be making you sick and fat...
Common Symptoms For Herpes by Healthy Living .. Patient Expert can last anywhere from one to two or three weeks. Other Symptoms for herpes can include a painful or itchy rash, fever... itchy rash. If you can start intensive treatment at this time, you can sometimes completely avoid...
UltraWellness Key #3: Is your inner tube making you sick? by Mark Hyman, M.D. Medical Doctor for this weeping, red, oozing, scaly, itchy rash. They gave her salves, lotions,  steroids, and antibiotics... -- leading to allergies, arthritis, autoimmune disease, rashes, acne, chronic fatigue, mood disorders, autism...

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Causes ... ry skin, and prickly heat, which is a very itchy rash that appears in hot, humid weather. ... » Read on
Treatment ... l side effects, including headaches, nausea and vomiting and an itchy rash. In very rare cases, Tysabri has also been linke ... » Read on