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The Lupus Butterfly Rash or Malar Rash: Information You Need to Know. by Molly Patient Expert but is not usually painful.  It can be itchy if it is more like a rash than a blush and some patients even..., and back.  These rashes, too, are itchy and exacerbated by sun exposure.  These rashes usually heal...
This sounds like an odd reaction to a drink of just wine and orange juice. You may want to check with your doctor.
91-96. Like A Snake & Itchy Tongue by Melissa .. Patient Expert where the clay soil has cracked open. Not so much now. Another symptom this week was having an itchy tongue... in my eyes . I told my husband it felt like I had hot sauce in my eye fluid, only not quite that stinging...
What long lashes you have! by Linda MacDonald Glenn Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven to 45% of patients experienced red eyes ( conjunctival hyperemia ) and/or itchiness. Other side effects... Wish you had longer, fuller eyelashes? Tired of raccoon eyes from mascara that won't stay...
Cuspid, My first impression from your description is that this is caused by an infection in the roots of the 4th upper premolar, also known as the carnassial tooth.  This can happen fairly commonly and almost always in olde
How To Treat Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye by just 4 families Patient Expert eye effect is one of the first signs of conjunctivitis. The child may complain of dry or itchy eyes... from the eyes. Allergic conjunctivitis is found together with very itchy eyes and other allergy related issues...
Bull's Eye! by Joan .. Patient Expert came from or how I got it.  Have a great day, everyone, and watch out for ticks and bull's eye rashes! Home ... later, a very tiny bull's eye mark appeared at the site of the bite (a sign of Lyme's disease).  Yes...
My Personal Experience with Itching Disorders by Neil Kao Medical Doctor eyes, nose blowing, and need for (OTC and prescription) meds my entire life. Now, with regard to itchy..., occasionally get a fine, red, itchy rash on my lower legs. It has been bad enough to interrupt my sleep...
Bumps on the eyelid are typically either chalazion or hordeolum (stye).  The former are painless while the latter are painful and can be either internal or external.  It's imperative that you go see your eye doctor ASAP...
Now breathe deeply and.... by Alyson .. Patient Expert Ahhh spring in Texas. Gotta love the itchy, watery eyes and the drippy, itchy nose. Well, when my vacuum recently went kaput, I had a few requirements for the new one: lightweight, easy to handle...

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Introduction ... inflamed. This can cause your eyes to become red, irritated and itchy. Dandruff-like crusts can also appear on your eyelashes. ... » Read on
Treatment ... l side effects, including headaches, nausea and vomiting and an itchy rash. In very rare cases, Tysabri has also been linke ... » Read on