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Spirulina Bellingham, Washington
Astra Medical Hellas Superfoods was established at the beginning of 2003 and from the very first... More
Vegacious Ames, Iowa
I love unique food. Period. Food that is real. I cook with mostly organic ingredients (as much as... More
fmw2012 California
I am currently recovering from anterograde and retrograde amnesia.  I have about a 7-year... More
Kim F. North East, Pennsylvania
Somewhere around November 18th or 19th of 2007, I started feeling what I thought were Carpal... More
John Evans California
     I am a 41yr old man. I've been an electrician for 22yrs, most of which... More

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The chances of you having breast cancer are smaller than you can even imagine.  It is completely normal for you to have changes in your breasts during your periods. If it is still there about a week...
the liver (and bone marrow) which is why it requires regular blood work when taken for a prolonged period... comes in complaining of itchy nipples is Paget's disease of the breast.  So go tell your physician...
the duration and the fact that you're also complaining of itchiness and nasal drainage, I wonder... on to things that can kill you over a longer period of time, and then finally to things that are bothersome...
Natural Treatment for Seborrheic Dermatitis, Cradle Cap, Dandruff, and Itchy Scalp by Nicole S. Naturopathic Doctor An itchy dry, flaky scalp is typically “seborrheic dermatitis” commonly referred to as dandruff... in to balance by improving sleep and cleaning up diet and stress. I would recommend for anyone with an itchy...
Postpartum Weight Loss- Before You Take a Bite… by Sara H. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven So you’re wanting to lose a little weight, but you don’t to deprive yourself? You don’t need to deprive yourself, just cut back on the extras.  Ask yourself if you REALLY are hungry, or are you eating more because it tastes
Postpartum Weight Loss: Don’t Eat The Last Bite by Sara H. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven This morning when I woke up I as soooooooo hungry.  I ate this big bowl of cereal and there was just a little bit left in the box.  I thought it was silly to put back the last bite so I ate it.  I felt awful, full and bloate
Postpartum Weight Loss- Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Take Another Bite by Sara H. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Sometimes when we wait too long to eat we get really hungry and think we’re still hungry even though our bellies may be full.  After your first portion drink a whole glass of water and then ask yourself, “Am I really hungry
If you are not having symptoms other than irregular periods, there is likely no need.... If you continue to have extra periods or experience heavy bleeding, you may want to be checked by your MD...
Symptoms of Premenopause by Gillian Patient ExpertHealth Maven by a couple days. Periods might be lighter or heavier. Women might skip their periods for a month or... through the night Irregular periods; shorter, lighter periods; heavier periods, flooding; phantom periods...
.  It also depends upon when you expect your period.  If it was due on Saturday, then you might be pregnant.  But it could also be that your period changed this month due to stress.  It's common for young females to have their periods vary...

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