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No a woman can't get pregnant outside of her fertile window because the natural enviroment of the vaginal canal is acidic- decidedly unfriendly to sperm. A woman's fertile window consists of five days
I have had no periods for more than 60 days now. did pregnacy tests, came as negative so spoke to the doc... is.  This is also a great way to see if you are having fertility issues and where those issues may be originating...
how many days did you bleed?  How long are your cycles on average?
If your period is due tomorrow then you can have an accurate result with most pregnancy tests hi i had sex when i was fertile, i have been getting cramps and i feel pregnant. my period is due tomorrow...
explain what you mean by that? ME AND MY PARTNER R TRYING 4 A BABY, IM NORMALY ON MY PERIOD 4 BOUT 5...
no im not on birth control and I'm trying to get pregnant and it hasn't been easy?? I havent been on birth control in 5 years The important thing is that your lining sheds not the number of days you bleed.   Are you on bir
necessarily mean that it was fertile (there are differenct classifications: non-fertile would be cloudy, sticky or creamy in texture/appearance. Fertile would be watery or like egg whites and will stretch). The chances...
Raw Food Diet, Missed Periods and Fertility: Q&A by Tera W. Patient Expert who never had a period yet still ovulated, and still got pregnant, but I would first make sure you are indeed fertile... question: “My question concerns missed periods and raw foods. I’ve heard people talk about your cycles...
is the most fertile and indicates pending ovulation Okay I had sex on nov. 13, 17 and 20 i got my period on nov. 23...i had my period then two days later had protected sex. but after this the condom accidentaly drop...
My partner and I have been trying for a baby for over two years now, We were going to a fertility... my feioncee and I are trying again I had my periods after the mc but to me it seems like I can't get pregnant...

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