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mariapeterson California
Hello, I am Maria Peterson from California and I used to work in a busy office in the city. I... More
hsofplymouthmn California
I'm Plymouth, 4345 Nathan Lane North, Chiropractor providing complete chiropractic care... More
jason cairns San Francisco, California
Jason Cairns is an organic raw superfoodist entrepreneur and blogger with a passion for teaching... More
Laura (Us) California
On January 6th 2008, my teenage daughter, Jessica, became ill with what that week was diagnosed as... More

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These sound like tremors and I recommend you have her checked out by your veterinarian. While your memory is fresh, jot down notes regarding what she was doing and does before and after these episodes, how long they last, and
Shaking Baby’s Head by suzette Patient Expert reclined. She kept shaking the baby’s head. I just stared for 5 seconds and already felt dizzy... make any noise. Why must she then keep shaking her head? Wonder how the baby feels… Call me KPC… :p ...
*shakes head* by Florence F. Patient Expert is important...especially with Lupus. Anyhow, the reason I'm *shaking my head* in this post is because I got on the bus today... nothing to my fellow bus riders. *shakes head*...
Still Shaking My Head in Disbelief. . . by Christopher W. Healthy Living Professional It never ceases to amaze me when I hear somebody say, "I don't care about health -- I just want to look good." I heard it again today and, unfortunately, I know I'll hear it in the future. And this person even went so far
(shaking my head) by Andrea Patient Expert Why Premarin and Prempro are still being made and prescribed is a mystery to me. We have much better alternatives (bioidentical hormone therapy), and the dangers of these drugs is well known. Nonetheless, they're still out
I can't seem to quite shake this head cold by Flo H. Patient Expert want to stay until 4 when they close..... This little nagging head cold is also making me grumpy... a question, he asks the question with his head stuck in the closet. All I could hear was mmf drawer...
Blogging? *Shakes Head* I Never Thought I'd See the Day by StormeeMuffin Patient Expert in July, 2008 with Chiari I have an awful lot of... well... "noise" I guess in my little head. Yea, noise...
sometimes you just gotta shake your head, shrug and say, "whatever!" by Heather Heywood Patient Expert , so i dropped him off and headed out to run a couple errands which needed to be... um... run? (why does that not...
Some days I just shake my head. by Erica P. Registered NurseHealth Maven What the hell is wrong with people?? The other night I heard of a 16-year old who was "recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia." Folks, I've ranted about this before. At the risk of sounding inflammatory and pissing off the
Do you ever stop and shake your head??? by Carol BipolarHubby Patient Expert I think I'm getting to that point, and I wouldn't be surprised if many of you are there already.  Could more crap just happen to me???? (slightly bitter laugh).  Of course.  I barely have time to get upset about th

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Symptoms ... ng a shoelace. They may also experience tremors in their hands (involuntary shaking), especially when they are trying to reach f ... » Read on
Symptoms The symptoms of dystonia are involuntary movements and postures caused by muscle contractions ... » Read on