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Ashley Toronto, CA
In August 2007, I made the decision to lose weight. I joined Weight Watchers and ended up losing... More
destroydiseases San Francisco, California
I a popular blogger that blogs about various areas of diseases and infections. Finding natural... More
Classical Five Element Acupuncture port townsend, Washington
In my practice of acupuncture I treat the underlying cause of the symptom and the whole person,... More
Amy Buffalo, New York
To  the ladies that are reading this because they have been diagnosed or told they have some... More

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Treating Intestinal Parasites with Chinese Herbs by Braxton P. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth MavenComplimentary & Alternative Medicine . Infection is common; many infected people are asymptomatic. Symptoms can include loose stools, diarrhea... for years, and is typically not treated if there are no symptoms. Infection rates are higher in developing...
Intestinal Worms Treatment by Dr. Anshu Gupta Patient Expert and giardia. Symptoms of Intestinal worms are: The usual symptoms of intestinal worms are diarrhoea, foul... Worms and other intestinal parasites, which infest human beings, are found in all countries...
Natural Yeast Infection Cures-Stop Your Yeast Infection Symptoms Naturally by Healthy Living .. Patient Expert of Yeast infection symptoms. You can stop the embarrassment of ugly vaginal discharge and rediscover... Yeast Infection Natural Remedies have been around since before the advent of modern medicine...
No link between gastrointestinal symptoms and Helicobacter pylori status in sewage workers by Annet Lenderink Patient Expert pylori infection is a probable cause of part of gastrointestinal symptoms among Flemish municipal sewage... infection in sewage workers at municipal waste water sewage plants (WWTPs). The aim was to determine...
If you think you're pregnant and have a concurrent bladder infection, get thee to your family..., get checked out for sexually transmitted infections and make sure he wears a condom each & every time...
Infections, fevers, and ailments can all create physical symptms, whicih lead in turn to anxiety or nervousness - which can seem to be "brain issues" in older persons. Best for her to see...
That sounds right to me. My kids have had yeast infections and I used over-the-counter yeast infection cream...cleared it up in 36 hours. Always talk to your doctor first
Intestinal Parasites by heru m. Patient Expert Perhaps your pet will never have intestinal parasites. But, unpleasant... must be administered. With some intestinal worms, treatment of the environment also may be needed. Most treatments...
Bowel Symptoms and Bloating: Could it Be IBS? by DigestBetter .. : Other common symptoms are bloating, sensation of incomplete evacuation -- the patient never feels... 70 percent of patients with irritable bowel syndrome will have mild symptoms. Approximately 25...
When Are Bowel Symptoms A Sign Of IBS? by DigestBetter .. for their symptoms. BRIAN LACY, MD: They're scared to see a doctor. They're worried they're going to get bad news; many of these patients are very concerned their symptoms represent cancer. They're embarrassed to talk...

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Causes Gastroenteritis is caused by an infection of the stomach and intestine. The infection interferes ... » Read on
Complications ... The beef tapeworm lives only in your intestine and infection with it is easily treated. However, infection with oth ... » Read on