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Lopendpwd California
Supercharged HCG is basically a hormone which is produced by the pregnant woman’s placenta.... More
Flow Montreal, CA
Dr. Steven P., MD New York City, New York
  I'm an otolaryngologist in solo private practice in midtown Manhattan. I'm the author... More
deepa California
i am very active and am into exercising and doing art of living kriya regularly  these... More

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INOMAX DS Drug-Delivery System: Class I Recall - Risk of Interruption of Drug Flow by FDA for inhalation to patients. Risks to the patient may include interruption of drug flow due to an empty cylinder, and/or the time taken to switch to a replacement system. An interruption or delay in the administration...
no it isn't very likely more likely than not you either had a delayed ovulation this past cycle or you didn't ovulate at all  
Interrupted by Pain by Bronwyn T. Occupational Therapist If there’s one thing I loathe, it’s being interrupted when I’m in the middle of something. There I am, working away at something, in the flow, knowing where I’m going and what I’m doing then BANG...
make an appointment with your GYN I still have not had my period and I have not took another prego test. What do you think would be benificial for me to do? one and it said no but that was like the end of last weel. have you
Men's Urine Stream by Anthony R. Patient Expert Here's looking at how guys pee. No wonder we often are told to use the toilet properly. Source
if you are urinating accompanied by a burning sensation and blood I would suggest... something while you are urinating I would also look into checking for kidney stones.   From a fertility point of view...
ok. i am just worried, if i dont get a period after 14 days, does that mean im pregnant?  i took urine pt last dec. 31 it turned out negative.. im kidda paranoid.. :( day 12 today still no period...
if the test is coming up negative after two months then I'd trust the test. You could ask your physican for provera/progesterone to start a new cycle
Changing the medication could have affected your menstural cycle so taking that into consideration.   Outside of that I can't really tell you much else based on what information you provided.
Inhaled COPD drugs linked to urine retention by Allanda .. Patient Expert disease (COPD) may be more likely to suffer from urine retention, scientists have found. Urine retention... to urinate, using the toilet several times a night, and urinary incontinence due to overflow. Canadian...

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Symptoms ... nce. If it is underactive, you may find that your urine flow is interrupted and your bladder does not feel empty. Bowel pr ... » Read on
Treatment ... dder, underneath your urethra, in order to support it, and stop urine from leaking out. Alternatively, tissue from another part ... » Read on