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Formerly overweight and food obsessed, I am passionate about helping others end the weight... More
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Speaker, Coach, Author of 'Insider's Guide To The Art of Persuasion,' coauthor of the... More
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I write about the mental healthcare industry through the eyes of a caretaker. I have been in the... More
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“For 25 years I trained as a dancer from the outside in – how to make my body look,... More
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of infection, eg redness, swelling, pain, fever, etc.  So one can be colonized but w/o infection..., which is a major cause of infection both inside & outside the hospital.  The big problem with MRSA...
There are many reasons for developing sores inside one's mouth, both viral & bacterial... sores or fever blisters.  These are typically due to herpes simplex virus.  Supportive care is the usual...
I doubt you have an abcess which might lead to fevers, sweats & chills.  Without those symptoms, most likely you're facing a lipoma, cyst, or maybe even an inflamed bursae, eg bursitis..  Best to go see
Rash of Scarlet Fever Hits by Dr Duncan DC Patient Expert Fever.  It has not been a fun experience, but I promise I have some good articles coming... of like having a sunburn over your entire body from the inside out, even inside my ears. I apologize for my lack...
Coping with Cold Sores (Fever Blisters) by Meredy Registered NurseHealth Maven get them, others don't. Besides being itchy and painful, cold sores (fever blisters) make you feel self-conscious.... Between outbreaks, HSV-1 hides out inside nerve cells, so it's never completely cured. Who Gets Cold Sores...
Thank you! I've been feeling considerably better over the past few days. I think a lot of my symptoms were brought on or magnified by my worry and stress. Since I've mad a habit of clearing my head and not sweating every lit
Just What Exactly Brings About Fever Blisters On Lips? by Lucy J. Patient Expert What can cause fever blisters on lips and what can be done regarding this dilemma... fever blisters and type 2 causes genital herpes but this is not usually the case. The type 2 strain...
YOU GIVE ME FEVER.... by Helpful Buckeye Doctor of Veterinary MedicineHealth Maven :// A fever (also termed pyrexia) is a higher-than-normal body temperature... feverish, is from the Latin word febris, meaning fever, and archaically known as ague. The ancient...
Cabin Fever by Beth S. Patient Expert Well, it's official. Oscar has cabin fever. As does Roxy. And I think I may have caught a touch of it too! Here's what happens when your husband has been cooped up inside the house, off work...
Small Break From The Fever.....Till Now.... by Moshura's Sister Patient Expert Its been a long scary week ....Marco's fevers are still high since a week ago today, last night... on him. There was no pain or fever at the time which was weired. He has been having stomach spasms at night with chills...

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Diagnosis ... radio and magnetic waves to build up a detailed picture of the inside of your body. An MRI scan should be able to detect any pr ... » Read on
Recovery ... you develop symptoms of infection, such as a high temperature (fever) or pain when you pass urine. ... » Read on