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Jillukoe California
Why should they be allowed to comment on something that provides so little wisdom with reference... More
Ellen Kirby California
"How I Love to Garden" is the theme of my blog which aims to inform and inspire anyone... More
Marci L. Toronto, CA
Marci Lall is a Weight Loss & Body Sculpting Specialist who coaches and teaches women how to... More
Mary Jo A. Eugene, Oregon
Hey everyone! My names Mary Jo. I am 27 years old and I'm currently going to school full time... More

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Avastin Increasing Response and Survival Times With Brain Cancer - UCLA by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Avastin, alone and in combination with the chemotherapy drug CPT-11, significantly increased response... with CPT-11 have improved those statistics, dramatically increasing response rates, progression-free survival...
Low Response To Alcohol Increases Risk Of Alcoholism by Jeremiah D. Doctor of Philosophy  who have a low physiologic response to alcohol tend to have more significant problems with alcohol. What is meant by low physiologic response is that, for most people, they will start to experience the effects...
Scoot out of the way! Senior Drivers in the newstell us a story of dangerous driving, as response times increase, mobility is de by Jennifer J. Patient Expert us a story of dangerous driving, as response times increase, mobility is decreased, and age takes its toll...
Trick of the Trade: Increasing students responses to the differential diagnosis by Michelle Lin Medical Doctor Anyone who teaches medicine asks students to list their differential diagnosis when discussing a new clinical case. It's also part of several models for education including the One-Minute Preceptor and SNAPPS. For the
Genetics Home Reference: biotin-thiamine-responsive basal ganglia disease by January 2014 What is biotin-thiamine-responsive basal ganglia disease? Biotin-thiamine-responsive basal ganglia disease is a disorder that affects the nervous system, including a group...
We can’t always recognise potential issues – it’s just important to have an active response as they unfold by NML Patient Expert struggling with aspects of life or ourselves, we can end up leaning increasingly on the likes of drugs and alcohol to numb, enhance, or act as an upper. Unfortunately these substances increase the likelihood...
Fire Department Uses Risk Assessment for Emergency Response Criteria, Cutting Types of Responses So As Not To Over Expose the Fi by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven approach and are increasing their services…so what the heck and who let this bean counter out to talk... Emergency medical calls eliminated from the list requiring automatic response from fire division...
what are non-profits for? a response to the bta's non-response by Beth H. Patient Expert ) has released a "formal response" to the Oregon house bill that proposes charging a registration fee..., and it apparently took the leadership of the BTA several days to formulate a response to a proposal...
Making Joy & Peace a Conditioned Response by Barbara U. Patient Expert in response to graduated amounts of stimuli from the annoying object or activity. Overtime, you would be able to defuse reactions of fear or dread and respond in a more normal manner. That same "response...
Conditioned Response by Laura Patient Expert Brain Blogger has an interesting review of Conditioned Response - "Psychotherapy is only a form of learning"

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Causes ... ry itself that is causing the problem, but your body's abnormal response to it. As the sympathetic nervous sys ... » Read on
How it works ... aving much control over it. Later it becomes a reflex action in response to the baby's cry or just by thinking about the baby or ... » Read on