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Importance Of Hygiene

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Hello I'm Heather from New York City. My blog focuses on my efforts to lose the last formidable... More
Jensihtom California
Nail fungus usually grow on wet and damp feet, it is therefore very important to keep the feet... More
ShaunMassiah New York, New York
Dr.Massiah owns a warm, friendly and compassionate office that listens and addresses every... More
hamisfinel California
The entire formulation claims of a special care and combined with expert technique to give you a... More
crockeramber California
Zetaclear Nail fungus usually grow on wet and damp feet, it is therefore very important to keep... More

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No Eating After 8 pm, Paired with Better Dental Hygiene by Nirmala N. . Because I have a few gingival problems, it's absolutely crucial that I make sure I have a good dental hygiene routine...
Here is a website that has some great animations on oral hygiene  Dr. R. 
Don't forget foot hygiene! by Tamar F. I had a gym teacher in grade school who came straight out of military service in Vietnam. He was all shell shocked and scary. One thing he was adamant about was good foot hygiene before gym class...
Take the Dental Hygiene Quiz by Cory K. Patient Expert How much do you know about personal dental hygiene? You may suprise yourself when you take this 10... disease and more. Who knows, you may learn something! Find the dental hygiene quiz at
Have You Analyzed Your Hygiene Department Lately? by Cory K. Patient Expert The dental hygiene department is one of the biggest parts of every successful dental practice! Many dental practices have dental hygiene departments that do not produce at least 30% of the total office...
The Hygiene Hypothesis by Seth Roberts .. Doctor of Philosophy Here is a nice review of the hygiene hypothesis, proposed in 1989 by David Strachan. The hygiene hypothesis is that the increases in childhood allergies and asthma in rich countries were due to decreases...
Oral Hygiene and Acne: A Connection? by Dr. Ellie Phillips Dr. Ellie, Have you heard of any kind of connection between the two? I've always had problems with facial acne and was never one to floss and meticulously care for my oral health, but since I've been using act and flossin
Oral hygiene curbs pneumonia ris ... by Dr. Rubens D. Medical Doctor Oral hygiene curbs pneumonia risk in elderly NEW YORK , 27 oct 2008– Among nursing home residents, having a nursing aide help them maintain good oral hygiene lowers the odds of them dying from pneumonia, a study...
Good dental hygiene helps keep children happier by Invisalign topdentist Good dental hygiene helps keep children happier What you should know:- Children with healthy... of good oral hygiene, so gums and baby teeth stay healthy. Regular dental check ups can detect and treat...
Developing Your Child’s Healthy Dental Hygiene Habits [Guest Post] by Vanessa Van Petten Patient Expert Walsh, who writes about dental health, hygiene and becoming a dental assistant at By helping your child to develop healthy dental hygiene habits—early on—you can mold behaviors...

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