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As a woman gets older her cycles begin to change. Stress, illness, and medications can delay ovulation- which lengthens the cycle (making it seem as though you are "late" but in all actuality things are moving as it should)
any time of the month.. If you have bad enough cramps during your period some people can release an egg... 1st of all its not true that you only have a 3-4 day period you can get pregnant. I got pregnant...
That's definitely not comfortable, and it could be a bad sign for the baby. Call your OB to make an appointment and speak with a nurse (or your OB) about it. There's so much to pregnancy that those cramps
, and the digital test said I was pregnant.  I felt really pregnant that day, but also experienced some cramping... still considered pregnant.  I'm not a doctor, but if you feel any cramping that lasts more than a few minutes...
Bad, bad blogger by ndscott Patient Expert Wow, Nikki's a bad, bad blogger. It's been too long since I last posted! Hmm, I guess that's... out with my husband a couple nights ago for a short run. I was hesitant and worried the cramps would come back...
would there be any situation early in this cycle that would have delayed ovulation?  Such as stress, illness, antibiotics- basically anything that makes the body work harder. Have you taken a pregnancy test? that would b
. That's pretty much a bad thing. Tegretol is the oldest anti-seizure medication used to treat bipolar... you against getting pregnant and also check your blood levels every two weeks to make sure they are in the therapeutic...
like you I had similar symptoms, cramps, tiredness, slight spotting. I did approx 15 tests each coming back NEG - after missing my second period a test confirmed I WAS pregnant - 9 weeks!!! Well...
I have an appt with ob-gyn next that too long to wait?   should also mention that I'm not crampy anymore...just while I was spotting Yes, you could be pregnant. Of most concern...

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