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Im Going To Blister Your Butt

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Hi, my name is Kim.  I am always striving to enhance my life by learning to have an... More
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Butt Kicking Going On Here by Erin Patient Expert I have to say that MS is kicking my butt. Seriously. The fatigue is extreme, but yet I continue... as much as I used too. This exacerbation has been going on for two months now, and it doesn't seem to be getting any better...
Guess who isn't going to have monkey butt? by RunFasterMommy Patient Expert the winner of the Anti Monkey Butt powder is lucky comment number 13, which is Jennifer Leah at Miles, Muscles, & Mommyhood!! Wooooo! Send me your address girl, I'll get it right out to you!
Everything was going as planned and then my worst nightmare hit! by Marni R. Healthy Living Professional I questioned if I should keep going and after 5 more minutes I was forced to turn around. After running... of no training. what was I going to do with my time??? To many people, a weekend consists of sleeping...
CT Scan done, ulcer / sore on butt = ? by Strapples Patient Expert ulcer or a skin infection on my right butt cheek, today we are going to the genito-urological surgeon to talk about my hormone issue and my urinary problems and I will also show the butt problem...
Going "POSTAL" or going to the post office by RaeAnn Collins Patient Expert COME WIPE MY BUTT RIGHT NOW...  I'M...I'M...I'M...  GOING TO THE POST OFFICE! Ok at this point... while Scooby Doo is on TV not some other show... and my personal favorite is that he can only wipe his butt...
Help Your Community Clean Up the Butt - Taxpayers Are Paying For Cigarette Butt Litter! by Shawna C. Patient Expert cigarette butts out of car windows and on the sidewalks as they are going from their car to stores... Did you know that cigarette butt litter makes an impact economically and environmentally...
Head Butts and Yoga Butts: What works in the gym, doesn’t always work out of the gym by Charlotte H. Patient Expert , they are.) And yet: go stand in front of the mirror and try to say “I’m going to mount you and put you in a rear naked choke... anywhere else. Just this morning, for instance, as I tried to work out the knot in my right butt cheek courtesy of my corrective...
.  The pain is often described as burning which proceeds the development of blisters in a dermatomal pattern...
Going With the Flow by Kati H. Patient Expert it with you all. Here's to going with the flow! "Nutritional Changes: Making a Beginning"by Laura Didyk ...
How Are You Going Through Life: One Buttock or Two? by Diane C. Patient Expert With a title like that, you're probably wondering what the heck this post is about -- and how it relates to yoga. This little goodie comes courtesy of my friend Marie Forleo. Benjamin Zander, a lover of classical music (and

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