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Eric S. Dye My education took place at Ohio State University, Ohio Dominican College,... More
redrose914 California
Diagnosis - Berger's disease or IgA neprothy = chronic kidney disease. Was diagnoised at 7,... More
Daves Angels California
I am a caregiver to my husband Dave who was diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy in 2007.  He is... More

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Less IgA than a newborn… by Margaret Patient Expert It’s a rainy day in Florence, and I am alone in the house (as “alone” as one can be with four cats, hah!…they are napping now, gathering up enough strength to totter downstairs for some lunch…), so it’s a perfect morning to
Burning DVDs, Good News, and Immunoglobulins by Teresa K. Patient Expert was 1190. Richard has IgG kappa myeloma. Drawing of Immunoglobulin molecule Different types of myeloma are classified by the type of immunoglobulin (proteins) produced by the abnormal plasma cells...
Immunoglobulin-producing Mouse Plasmacytomas by immunoglobulin-producing mouse plasmacytomas (PCTs). Each tumor produces only one species of monoclonal immunoglobulin (Ig). When transplanted into mice, these plasma cell tumors will continue to produce...
Reduced levels of immunoglobulin in children with autism correlates with behavioral symptoms by Cheryl Patient Expert ). Samples were assayed for systemic levels of immunoglobulin (IgG, IgM, IgA, and IgE) by enzyme-linked...
IgE and survival by Margaret Patient Expert patient, you tend to read mostly about IgG (my type of myeloma), IgA and IgM…but not much about the other immunoglobulins. I looked up IgE and found that it triggers our body’s response to allergens such as cat dander...
Kopiko Sweets by Dr. Chan C. Kopiko Sweets Originally uploaded by docfilesdocfiles Found some Kopiko sweets at the local IGA supermarket. A good idea as everyone loves coffee here. They should make a sugar free sweet with real coffee
ADHD Insights: IgG, Immunoglobulins Matter by Chuck Medical Doctor Discoveries: Measurement of and Immunoglobulins Matter... it becomes necessary to go exploring for the biomedical cause[s]. IgG is one type of several immunoglobulins...
Evidence against the effectiveness of Oral immunoglobulin in the treatment of Autism. by Nestor L. Doctor of Philosophy Immunoglobulin for Gastrointestinal Dysfunction in Children with Autistic Disorder Journal of Autism... of this study conducted a double-blind placebo examination of the effects oral immunoglobulin in the treatment...
IL-21 Critically Regulates Immunoglobulin Production by Description of Invention: The invention includes a mouse in which the IL-21 receptor gene is disrupted by homologous recombination, the disruption being sufficient to prevent expression of the IL-21 receptor and th
Dairy Fresh Conducts Voluntary Recall of IGA Brand “Vanilla & Chocolate” 1.75 Quart Ice Cream Because Package May Co by FDA Dairy Fresh is voluntarily recalling a specific batch of IGA Brand “Vanilla & Chocolate” Ice Cream (1.75 quart, 1.66L) with the plant code “3783” and a SELL BY date of 08-13-13 because it incorrectly...

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Treatment ... s can be given - plasmaphoresis or intravenous immunoglobulin therapy. In plasmaphoresis, your blood is routed ... » Read on
Prevention ... on has not happened, you will be offered an injection of anti-D immunoglobulin at 28 and 36 weeks. This helps prevent sensitizat ... » Read on