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mperez88 California
I am 34 yrs old trying to have a Baby. Ive had two miscarriages resulting in D&C, and one... More
Travelto613 California
Married for 34 years.  Have mulitple health issues including Commom Variable Immune... More
kennedyselvidge California
Nitric Oxide is the essence of body created for moment acceleration but create a healthy human.... More
smithvernie California
Nitric Oxide is the essence of body created for moment acceleration but create a healthy human.... More
Katrina H. Short Hills, New Jersey
I'm a graduate of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Manhattan. I am currently certified... More

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Genetics Home Reference: mevalonate kinase deficiency by Reviewed April 2011 What is mevalonate kinase deficiency? Mevalonate kinase deficiency... gets older the episodes occur less often. Mevalonate kinase deficiency has additional signs...
Wheat: Is It Evil Or Just in the Context of Vitamin D and EPA+DHA Deficiency? by Dr. B G Doctor of Pharmacy is the treatment of choice for patients with vitamin D deficiency due to intestinal malabsorption. PMID: 742623.... Some patients with psoriasis show an elevated sensitivity to gluten. In patients with IgA and/or IgG antigliadin...
Less IgA than a newborn… by Margaret Patient Expert It’s a rainy day in Florence, and I am alone in the house (as “alone” as one can be with four cats, hah!…they are napping now, gathering up enough strength to totter downstairs for some lunch…), so it’s a perfect morning to
I have it and I am on Coumadin for the rest of my life as well (45 while male).  They found out I had it after I developed a clot in my lower right leg for no apparent reason.   I only take the Lovenox shots when I need to be
Muscle Spasms, Potassium Deficiency, and Fibromyalgia by Lisa R. Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Deficiency or [Hypokalemia.] Potassium Deficiency is generally not caused by lack of nutrition however people with Fibromyalgia are at a higher risk of having it. Why? Potassium Deficiency is caused...
Iron Deficiency Anemia by Nikki M. Patient Expert Date updated: March 07, 2007 Content provided by Having iron deficiency anemia... energy and your skin a healthy color. As the name implies, iron deficiency anemia...
Vitamin B12 Deficiency by Jeffrey Dach MD Medical Doctor Vitamin B12 Deficiency Vitamin B12 deficiency is estimated to affect 10%-15% of individuals... deficiency, with decreased serum B12 levels and elevated homocysteine levels. Vitamin B12 deficiency...
Enzyme Deficiency by Boyd M. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Amylase Deficiency Breaking out of the skin –rash. Hypoglycemia Depression Allergies PMS... Protease Deficiency Back Weakness Fungal Forms Constipation High Blood Pressure Insomnia...
Vitamin B12 Deficiencies in Meat Eaters by Plantarian Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook deficiency in modern diets is of general concern. Yvonne Bishop-Weston a leading UK Nutritionist says "In UK clinic I rarely find vegetarians with significant B12 and Iron deficiencies, they tend to be more aware...
Common Symptoms of Enzyme Deficiency by Boyd M. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine New article posted about the symptoms that can show up from an enzyme deficiency due to life stressors or an inadequate diet, or both. Although you may be eating healthy foods and exercising...

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Causes ... a defect of the immune system for example a deficiency of immunoglobulins (which protect against infection), ... » Read on
Introduction ... different cause. The most common form of the condition is iron deficiency anemia. This is where your body lacks enough iron to ... » Read on