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I found this website, while doing research for a dear friend of mine. She has cancer, it's at... More
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No major excitement, just SSDD by BwhoUR Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Have just a few minutes to post as the afternoon is getting away from me... in less than 10 minutes, my son will arrive home to get ready for this evening's baseball practice, and the rest of the afternoon and evening will b
Genetics Home Reference: hystrix-like ichthyosis with deafness by November 2012 What is hystrix-like ichthyosis with deafness? Hystrix-like ichthyosis with deafness (HID) is a disorder characterized by dry, scaly skin (ichthyosis) and hearing loss...
Genetics Home Reference: keratitis-ichthyosis-deafness syndrome by catalog (2 links) What other names do people use for keratitis-ichthyosis-deafness syndrome... November 2012 What is keratitis-ichthyosis-deafness syndrome? Keratitis-ichthyosis-deafness...
Genetics Home Reference: X-linked chondrodysplasia punctata 2 by November 2011 What is X-linked chondrodysplasia punctata 2? X-linked chondrodysplasia... abnormalities seen in people with X-linked chondrodysplasia punctata 2 include shortening of the bones...
Allergy news inbox (links, links, and more links) by Leslea H. Patient Expert to Beth of for a great article in Brava Magazine! (looking for a link…) Karen... to all who sent in information, links, thoughts, encouragement, etc! I am still planning on doing more podcasts...
BlogHer '06: Link, Link, Link! by Sheryle B. Patient Expert I was there yesterday with almost 800 other women bloggers (and a handful of men) to meet each other, hear what else is going on in the blogosphere, and figure out if this blogging thing is going to stick and grow. On that l
Todays Update (SSDD) by Jenny W. Patient Expert Today I was off for the rest of my "weekend" after working and extra shift and a half Saturday night. I slept in, then got on the spinner to watch a movie for 2 hours. The flick was "A Love Song for Bobby Long" with John t
So why would Lance Armstrong tweet ssdd? Could it be because of what Jakob Mørkebjerg is claiming by Roman M. Patient Expert This story certainly goes in the "unconfirmed rumor" file but it is never-the-less interesting because of  two recent facts. You may recall from THIS earlier story that Lance Armstrong had an unusually early drug test tod
SSDD by Megan F. Patient Expert Hey, guess what, there's snow on the ground. That's right. It's still there. You wanna here the super fab fun part? 10-20 more inches coming this afternoon. Yay! So, now A will officially be covered with snow when sh
3 News Links Added To Homeopathy Links Blog by Sanjib S. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine   Just added 3 new links to our homeopathy links blog . Vote for your favorite links. Homeopathic remedies to combat sugar craving. What is homeopathic medicine and why is it so effective

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Causes ... The causes of autism are still being investigated. Many experts believe that the pattern of behavior from which autism is ... » Read on
Causes ... to not being able to breathe properly while asleep due to, for example, blocked sinuses. It has also been linked to a lack of th ... » Read on