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I Wheeze When I Breathe

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tommy h. lubbock, Texas
I began to study Tai Chi as a Martial Art in the mid seventies. Over the years my interest in Tai... More
gehaag East Rochester, New York
Hi, I was diagnosed with COPD/Asthma 6 years ago. I had smoked 2.5 packs per day for 30 years... More
Richard California
Was wrongly DX'd with Stage 1 Grade 2-3 TCC with Carcinoma In Situ present by a local Uro by a... More
HarmoniWhole Jersey City, New Jersey
I am a licensed clinical social worker who has been treating children and adults for over... More

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It is not possible to form a conclusion on the limited information, Bridget. Plus this is a forum for anxiety disorders issues. I suggest you consult your doctor. Best wishes Ian
Breath in....Breath out...Relax by Allison Ward Patient Expert up with a coughing/wheezing/asthma attack and needed to take some meds and monitor my breathing for a little bit.... So when I woke up to night I am trying hard to breath between the coughing fists at the same time just trying...
Take a Deep Breath: Understanding Children’s Developmental Breathing Patterns by Jennifer Lance Patient Expert . Here’s a scary statistic: There is nothing more frightening than hearing your child gasping for breath during a respiratory illness, let alone suffering from asthma.  My own daughter wheezes at times, which she thinks...
Can a girl get a wheeze? Please? by Gertrude Patient Expert " into your lungs are our ears. Wet noises, nasty chunky thick rhonchi noises, squeaky musical wheezes... to breath, non speaking, accessory muscle use. Absent lung sounds on the left upper and lower, right side...
Johns Hopkins Health Alert:All That Wheezes Is Not Asthma by COPDsurvivor Patient Expert Short of breath? Coughing? Chest pain? Johns Hopkins doctors explain why you should take your symptoms seriously. Many lung disorders produce similar symptoms, but the severity and duration...
wheeze*gasp*choke by Joan H. Patient Expert that my throat has collapsed on itself, like a tube that's been flattened out. Can't breathe, can't swallow... immediately, because my instinct is to panic, and that's not helpful. I just have to remember to breathe, and take a drink...
Preterm Babies, Wheezing, And Sleep Apnea by Dr. Steven P. Medical Doctor There’s been a rash of studies on the numerous health consequences of pre-term deliveries. Here’s a stud y showing that babies born before 37 weeks had significantly higher rates of developing asthma. The more preterm, the
Now, Take a Deep Breath ----AAAAHHHH!!! by A. Brewster S. Patient Expert I stopped wheezing. I learned later I really didn't need to have the breathing tube in my nose all that time and it was causing my wheezing. Fitness Tip of the Day! Breathe. One of the first things...
Choppy Water and Asthmatic Wheezing by Dr. Heather S. Medical Doctor swimming the course. Not this time. I was short of breath the whole time. Wheezing, no less. It's... was over! Still wheezing, I walked fast to my bike and hopped on. Even on the bike, my breathing wasn't great. But I felt...
RSV: Is your child wheezing? by Denise and Alan F. Patient Expert because infants and young children come in with tons of snot, coughing, and wheezing. We call these kids “happy wheezers”. Unlike someone with asthma, most RSV infected children have no difficulty getting a good breath...

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