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I Have Stuff Coming From My Vagina

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to repeated warm compresses.  If the thick substance doesn't stop coming out, then you need...
What is the color and consistancy of the flow? example being "brown, dark red, bright red" and "spotting, light flow, med or heavy flow?
It could be any one of a number of things. For example, it could be a primary infection caused by a bacteria that she can't shake off on her own for some reason. It could be an allergic response to something outside or in.  O
Birthday Day 4 Installing our new JVC car receiver, dinner to be tonight, more stuff coming by Strapples Patient Expert with the radio. Just a warning to all of you I got more presents coming in the mail over the next few weeks, two...
‘Crazy’ is now on Kindle, Other Good Stuff Coming Soon by Dr. Rob Dobrenski Doctor of PhilosophyHealth Maven My apologies for being off the grid, and I promise that more material is coming soon. For now, though, be a good conservationist and pick up ‘Crazy’ on Kindle here .
Mel2′s birthday, Slobbery Stimming, Code Blue and Shiva stopped early, Christmas cards and packages, And more stuff coming by Strapples Patient Expert which made it either too complex, tedious, or undesirable to send stuff to me. but now my post office has genorously provided...
NEW STUFF COMING SOON.... by Helpful Buckeye Doctor of Veterinary MedicineHealth Maven Desperado and Helpful Buckeye returned home to Flagstaff last night and we are already sorting out what needs to get done as we get back into a more "normal" life pattern. This is still a "transition" period for Flagstaff
New stuff, IEP stuff, and stuff about bias by Melanie R. Patient Expert system) and hopefully have something that will work for Peas when Fall comes. On a completely different topic, I have been thinking a lot lately about bias and choices different families make when it comes...
INTERESTING STUFF: 21 April 2012 by Ronni B. Patient Expert and that we are in danger of losing. Thank you for the reminder and brava, Susan Heath. KANGAROOS HAVE THREE VAGINAS As long as we are on the topic of reproduction, did you know lady kangaroos have three vaginas? I sure...
Here Stuff, There Stuff, Everywhere Stuff by Ashley's Mom Patient Expert My 14 year old son, Corey, has been gone the last two weeks working for the Youth Conservation Corps. He’s got one more week before he comes home, and as a surprise for him, I decided to clean...

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