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I Have Pain Right Above My Penis

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I can't answer your question, Amiya. This is a forum for anxiety disorders and while your symptoms may result from stress, there are many possible physical causes too which need to be checked and ruled out. Were the antibiot
on.  Musculoskeletal trauma could certainly explain stabbing pain w/movement of your right arm.  Rib fracture, costochondritis and/or bruised/strained intercostals could explain pain w/breathing...
I am sorry, you are having pain! The pain can catually be coming from many places...heart is one... thing first, so based on your history, and the history of the pain, they may want to run some tests...
, it should be symmetric on both sides of the body.   Right leg swelling alone can be post-traumatic, venous insufficiency, post-phlebetic, infectious, or due to an acute blood clot (which is very dangerous).  Right arm...
Hi, Have you consulted your doctor to eliminate any physical reasons for the pain? Like any kind of pain, headache and head pain can be an important message from the body that something needs attention...
creates pain and fever). Drink lots of water, cranberry juice or take cranberry tablets.  You will likely...
Hello. I'm going to offer up a slightly different opinion. Anatomically, the innervation of the hand passes through the neck or cervical spine. While there could be other reasons, tingling in the fingers can indicate a pinc
Neck Pain Episode- I need the right pillow to get me through the pain by Nav J. Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook If you have recently had an acute neck pain episode, were involved in a car accident, or..., forgiving and overall should make you as comfortable as possible. As the initial intense pain goes away...
Pain in the right lower quadrant is classic for appendicitis but that isn't usually associated... under the skin.  If the former is indeed correct, the rash & pain could be due to zoster or reactivated...
up.    Another less welcome cause of pain in the right upper quadrant is HELLP syndrome or hemolysis, elevated liver... injury when I found out I was pregnant. Since finding out, I refused to take any pain relieving...

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