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of gum problems. Xylitol will also help adjust your mouth health - look into a program that includes...
Sounds like your immune system is overloaded and your resistance is very low right now.  Enough rest, a good diet, and mental relaxation will probably allow your recovery.  Too Slow response?  Worsening symptoms- see your den
This sounds like an infection.  It is important to not trivialize an infection in the mouth-even if it is painless.  The infection could spread to other area (you brain is just a couple of inches away) and cause massive compl
Bleeding Gums Make Positive the Relatives is Safe from Bleeding Gums by Merrilee Fullerton Medical Doctor is why do gums bleed in the work of teeth brushing? What causes bleeding?- The largest culprit causing gum... & mouth sores are also common causes of bleeding. Nutritional deficiencies & blood thinning & pain-killing...
Hay  My back of my month and my last molar are red and bleed when bushing. But the problem is that painful but when bleeds when brush feels better after. All my gums are fine it's that last molar painful...
Without pictures, your description puzzles me.  Is the hole bleeding? Is it adjacent to a Tooth?  I think you need to contact a dentist to have this lesion examined and diagnosed before it turns
10 symptoms you shouldn't ignore by Ann H. Patient Expert We all know the symptoms that you really shouldn't ignore - a crushing chest pain, for example or unexplained bleeding. But what are some of the other symptoms that should send you heading...
Flaxseed Oil Heals Bleeding Gums, Again by Seth Roberts .. Doctor of Philosophy of flax oil daily about four days ago and now my gums are barely bleeding at all after I brush and floss. My gums were red, swollen and would bleed after I brushed and flossed and are now pink and healthy looking...
it was the blood that he swallowed from his gums. also, as i'd told u, whenever his gums bleed, his stool...did you ever figure out what happened?  my dog just died....but very quickly and painfully...
Internal bleeding may be fast or slow, but fast usually occurs within a day or so. One way to determine blood loss is to monitor the color of your dogs gums or the conjuctiva (soft tissue) lining...

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Complications ... hypotension (low blood pressure), gum disease (gingivitis), genital infection ... » Read on
Recovery ... edicines, such as weight gain, hair loss, dry skin, or bleeding gums, do not stop taking them. Speak to your doctor as soon as p ... » Read on