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Typically the lump many refer to is where your7th cervical vertebrae sticks out.  It has a slightly longer spinous process back of the vertebrae) to be gin with but then we add forwad head posture...
  finn4 that last post was ment for you mixed up on the names sorry I hope you come back. Lina Helpful Buckeye, Hey if you come back to this page can you let me know what the Vet had to say...
What if the dog is not walking like she used to? If you can get your fingers around these lumps and they are freely movable, they could be lipomas, which are benign fatty growths...very common in dogs as they age...
to be serious, but this lump should be checked out by your doctor. It could be a cyst or any number of things...
nothing serious than to wait and risk problems later. So yes, get it checked right away! ;) i have a small lump...
I have a cyst that's fairly small on the top of my head but this is way different. On the bottom part of my head where we have bones that stick out on both sides is where I feel it. It's almost like it's a growth on the right
Back to Fancy by Sandi W. Patient Expert I had this big lump called a lipoma on my upper arm. Lipo as in fat. It's a fatty tumor. I had it removed in the early 1990s and it grew back so that sometimes people would think I had a big muscle...
of surgery. I would see a Dr. (preferably a surgeon) as soon as you get back from your trip....
Alberta, You are most likely describing a sebaceous cyst.  These can be found anywhere on the body but seem to favor the area along the back.  If you're lucky, this may respond favorably...
I have that EXACT problem, and it started almost 2 weeks ago! Did you ever find out the answer??? Hi Prickly, There are a variety of conditions that can cause prickly sensations, and many of them are not serious. But you real

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