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I have a cyst that's fairly small on the top of my head but this is way different. On the bottom part of my head where we have bones that stick out on both sides is where I feel it. It's...
Heading for the Big D by BwhoUR Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven D and I are packing up and heading out in just a short while. What does that mean? Well... I can't...
Autism Memoir Headed For The Big Screen by Kev Leitch Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven From Disability Scoop: Autism Memoir Headed For The Big Screen . A forthcoming memoir from the mother of an autistic savant is poised to become a feature film as well. The book tells the story...
CMS Head Dr. Donald Berwick Testifies In The Senate on Repeal and Other Matters–The Big Group of Consumer Health IT Non-Li by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven We have huge groups of “non participants” in Washington that sit in denial with Health IT and so many, the likes of Bill Gates and even Steven Colbert have tried to reach though but it’s like talking to rocks resting on a
Is speed in your head? by Perry R. Patient ExpertHealth Maven I heard this great story on NPR about Jamaica’s sprinters . They were trying to discover why a little country like Jamaica has produced so many world class sprinters. There were a number of theories suggested. 1. C
Head juggling by Perry R. Patient ExpertHealth Maven There are some really talented jugglers out there.  I like this one because the tricks don’t seem too difficult but they are done so well and the music that goes along with it is great.
Your sex, age, medical history, medications, etc would help narrow down the list of possibilities (which we refer to as the differential diagnosis).  For instance, simple cyst, sebaceous cyst, acne vulgaris w/nodular-cystic l
Alzheimer's Off the Top of My Head -- Get Your Head Out of the Sand by Bob DeMarco Patient Expert I have to start practicing my new 7 word speech -- Get your head out of the sand... By Bob... up living in an over 55 community where a large fraction of the residence are 75 years or older...
Two-headed snakes can lead to a big payoff by PetDoc Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Two-headed snakes (like the one pictured above) aren't uncommon in nature, but they are rarely... with more than one head — never survive in the wild, experts say. They are so hard to find, in fact...
Sequelae and Intervention Following Head Injury by Broken Brilliant Patient Expert A great section from Neuropsychology and the Assessment of Mild to Moderate Head Injury... below. A mild head injury, such as from a fall, an automobile accident, or a work mishap, often brings...

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Introduction An episiotomy is a deliberate cut in the perineum, an area of skin an ... » Read on
Symptoms The symptoms of hydrocephalus can vary depending on your age, how the condition has developed, and other cond ... » Read on