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lisamarie8503 California
over the past 3 years, i have learned not to hate diet and exercise, but embrace it and love it.... More
patricipee California
Obviously, that's not to disclose that you can't use Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract. A... More
Hi, My name is Lauren, and I'm just a girl trying to live life to the fullest. My blog is about... More
Nancy W. PLEASANTON, California
As the mother of two "perfect" teenager boys I really am the luckiest person on earth... More
I may be like you. I am a businessman that got a real scare medically in January, 2007 and... More

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Conflict! I Hate It! I Hate It! I Hate It!!! by patientanonymous Patient ExpertHealth Maven Well, that fucking bullshit probably blew my maybe-sorta-pseudo-productive-day! I need a goddamn smoke.  Okay, I don’t need it.  My tea’s getting cold and they make a great pair. *puts read
I Hate My House, I Hate My Job, I Hate This CIty, I Hate My Life...or the Plasticity of Your Brain by Gabriella Kortsch Ph.D. Patient Expert Aiguille Percée (Eye of the Needle Rock), French Alps Someone said to me recently that he hated... could be applied to hating his job, the city he lives in, huge aspects of his life. Wrong. It's...
Love/Hate/Love/Hate/Love by Marriage The Easy Way .. Patient Expert Is it normal to feel like you are really and truly hating your spouse one minute... occurrence, but a healthy one. Nevertheless it's scary to feel like I'm hating my husband. I don't...
Sorry but I HATE snow. Seriously HATE IT. by Kathleen Patient Expert of ours this year. That also bums me out.  I hate wasting the weather day on snow.  Can’t go anywhere, and yeah... and do something. Yep, hate snow.  And we’ve had what – 5 or 6 snow storms this year?     ...
My love/hate (mostly hate) relationship with Money by John M. Patient Expert Diane Ladd challenged her readers to write about their love affair with money. (For more information see previous post ) I have got to admit that this is a difficult assignment for me. I think this is because even though I
Weight-Loss Psychology: Hate That Stupid Diet, Hate My Weight-Loss Regimen by Doctor of Philosophy You can grow to hate your diet and the whole process of weight loss. Many women do, and that’s when they throw in the towel and go back to old ways. If this is happening or has happened to you, take a look...
The Universe Hates Me or Rather Hates that I am Online by domesticextraordinaire Patient Expert So, the plan was that after I decompressed from going to BlogHer & my horrible train ride home (Hello Amtrak you still haven't connected with me on Twitter yet) that I would do a BlogHer re-cap. I am here to say that The U
Charge nurse role: a hate/hate relationship by AtYourCervix Patient Expert Ok, so my charge nurse orientation? Might as well have just never had orientation. Day #1 of 2 for orientation and I was pretty much running solo the whole shift as charge (and having a patient assignment too). You know w
go there"ice cold water is a great thirst quencher okay! Yeah, I hate water, and I used to drink several sodas...
I Hate Swallowing Pills and Vitamins.. by Stephanie B. I would like to take vitamins more consistently but I have had a problem swallowing pills ever since I was a little girl. I am OK swallowing the small ones, but I can't swallow those big horse pills. Unfortunately, most mult

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