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I Cry All The Time

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I spent years making fun of lotions, potions, pill, and pwders. I also had 3 Ulcers, 1... More
Lori P. California
My husband, age 48 at the time (June 2008), was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer called... More
john_u Olympia, Washington
TriciaJohansson California
Tricia Johansson, 19. Bipolar Disorder and ADHD
braggdad ft bragg, North Carolina

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Oh my dear Mommy.  Struggling to raise our children, is very normal!  I think most moms experience this roller coaster of feeling like we're doing a good job and our kids are behaviing, and then having those days when you fe
Does she have lupus?  (You posted in the lupus community) Because 1 year old is so young, an infection can become a serious thing quite quickly.  You need to check often if she has a fever, and if one develops, get her to a
Crying All The Time by Lee Patient ExpertHealth Maven I can't seem to stop crying right now. My mom left Thursday morning and I have been crying ever since, but it started even before that, I cried on Wed at my acupuncture appointment, although that happens a lot...
Crying All Time by Lee Patient ExpertHealth Maven I am breaking my parents hearts, I can just tell.  I keep crying because I am frustrated and my parents have to sit here and watch and they can't do anything else to help me.  I feel bad...
"Help! My Baby Cries All the Time!" by HUG Your Baby Patient Expert Those huge tears rolling down Latisha’s face say it all. “Antoine cries all the time... when her tiny newborn enters the “Rebooting Zone”–fussing or crying. Most normal, healthy babies begin to cry...
The Only Time I’ve Cried At Work by Respiratory Therapy Patient Expert It’s often said that you need to separate yourself from your patients or you’ll go insane. It’s true. While it is important to be able to sympathize with your patients and relate to them, it’s important to keep that distan
cry Cry CRY! by Angeline Patient Expert . Once the parent gives in once, there will be a second time and a third and the ‘cry-weapon... A baby’s first language is cry. That is a God-given gift. That was the only way a baby...
Tears and Time by patientanonymous Patient ExpertHealth Maven I’ve been crying a bit over the last few days.  Probably the only thing....  Especially for me.  So try and do nothing.  Let silent, empty waves crash over you, as you just sit (or lay) there. Time marches on to the beat...
it was the best of was the worst of times. by emmy Patient ExpertHealth Maven irrational about painful situations, letting events be painful to begin with, and even crying. like fighting... i am. and sometimes, i force myself to let it go and allow myself to be imperfect. other times, it's difficult...
To Cry or Not to Cry by eatnormalnow Healthy Living Professional necessarily true. I see two types of clients: those who cry easily and those for whom shedding a tear... toward a healthier middle ground.   Some clients begin to cry the minute they sit down on my office couch...

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Introduction All babies cry, especially in the first few weeks after birth. They cry ... » Read on
Recommendations When your baby cries, it can be stressful for both you and your child. Sometimes, ... » Read on