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Low testosterone and overtraining by Tom H. Patient Expert Both the lack of physical activity and excessive physical activity (over training) will result in decreased levels of testosterone. Exercise effects testosterone directly by stimulating the pituitary gland and the teste
Do You Have Low Sexual Desire? If So, You're Not Alone! by Dr. Jennifer Berman Medical Doctor Written by Jennifer R. Berman, MD Hypoactive Sexual Desire (HSD) or low sexual desire is a common sexual difficulty. Although it can be experienced by both men and women, it is much more prevalent among women. Havin
Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder: Presented at ESSM-ISSM by The Women's Sexual Health Foundation .. Patient Expert TWSHF believes that it is important for women and health care providers to become familiar with the latest news in the area of FSD or female sexual dysfunction. For women, knowledge is power and understanding the side effects
Patient and Family Engagement in ICUs by Dr. John H. Medical Doctor in apical hypokinesis and an ejection fraction of 25%.   No further stent placement possible, maximal...
My Choice by cclark1121 I'M GOING CRAZYYYYY!!!! A True Story of my On Again-Off Again Relationship. Inspired by my lack of physical activity. I was in about the third grade when I ran my first official track race. My parents only had one car,
Sidelined by Running Narcissist So because of the lack of physical activity I now feel like a whale, and I'm terrified of running in Brooklyn Half in 2 weeks. I'm relying on my base of running fitness and hoping that my legs will somehow remember to run
Remembering spin class. by the rockstar I've been getting upset with my lack of physical activity lately. My wife commented to me that if my blog has turned into complaining about football and hockey  then something needs to be fixed. She offered to do whatev
STEMI: Which coronary artery is occluded? by Stephen Smith infarction). Echocardiographyic studies revealed mid-anterior hypokinesis in two patients, anterior and apical hypokinesis in one, and no wall motion abnormality in four patients. Technetium MIBI tomography...
Extremely Subtle ECG, but Bedside Echo Shows Wall Motion Abnormality and Ischemic Pain Cannot Be Controlled Medically by Stephen Smith . The curved white line shows the wall (lateral) which has hypokinesis.  Note that the hypokinetic area is full... showed anterolateral hypokinesis and an EF of 55%. The artery was occluded and the myocardial territory at risk...
24 yo woman with chest pain: Is this STEMI? Pericarditis? by Stephen Smith Echo later showed moderate hypokinesis of the septum and dense hypokinesis of the apex and inferior...

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