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My greatest benefit for anyone interested in losing weight is that at 5'9" and age 28, I... More
Anita S. Colorado Springs, Colorado
Retired school teacher--work out at Curves--have 3 grandkids that I want to be very proud of me
Daisy S. FREMONT, California
I am a mother of 2 children, a daughter 29 (recently married) and a son 13. I am pretty active,... More
Ronnie F. REDWOOD CITY, California
User Services Technology Manager in SULAIR-Information Center, Green Library.
J D. Folsom, California
I'm committed to losing 10 pounds and improving overall fitness. I have a goal of July 1 for... More

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How did I get to be more than 100 pounds overweight? by Big Daddy D. Patient Expert would work best for me, I thought that I should ask myself, "How did I get more than 100 pounds overweight...
Cutting Back on Sugary Drinks Helps Overweight Teens Shed Pounds by Connie Bennett Healthy Living Professional Yet another interesting study, this one from researchers at Children's Hospital Boston, just showed that cutting back on sugary drinks can peel off the pounds. Thanks to Health Day 's Kathleen Doheny...
If You Ate It, and You Regret It Because You’re Too Many Pounds Overweight, Listen Up. by Doctor of Philosophy I have a 4 p.m. problem, and 10 p.m. problem. I tend to go crazy eating at both these times, ruining any weight-loss plan I might be on. I don’t think it’s real hunger in either situation. I eat lunch at 1:00, usually, 
Pounds Lost Pounds Gained All Because Diet Trained by Doctor of Philosophy the tenets of at least twenty weight loss diets, but I'm still overweight. I know how to lose ten pounds fast. I know how to take my time and lose one to two pounds a week. I can crash diet, and sensibly diet...
Being Critical of Yourself Can Cause You to Become Overweight and Stay Overweight by Doctor of Philosophy . She is having trouble soothing herself out of the emotional rut she is in. She is many pounds overweight...
Dropping The Pounds With Dieting by Todd S. Healthy Living Professional ’s most overweight people require diets to shed pounds, from decreased calorie consumption, four... has been championed by overweight dieters who have witnessed the pounds dropping off, experts are concerned...
Don’t let extra pounds slow you down by Dating Goddess Patient Expert themselves as “athletic” or “average” when they were 80 pounds overweight. I think honesty... A reader wrote: “I am overweight — not morbidly obese but overweight. I mention...
Even a Little Overweight, Inacti ... by Dr. Rubens D. Medical Doctor Even a Little Overweight, Inactivity Hurts the Heart By Ed Edelson 24 dec 2008-- Even a few extra pounds and just a little inactivity increased the risk of heart failure in a major study...
Dorothy Loses 70 Pounds and Her Medications... by DiseaseProof Medical Doctor No one wants to be overweight and no one likes taking a bunch of pills. Martha and Stanley didn... pounds, ditched her medications and loves her new diet: I started at 254 pounds...
How Overweight Is Your Pet? by Robert Davis Patient Expert Is your dog more Rotund than Rover? Is Fluffy's poofy coat camouflaging a few extra pounds? If so, you may be killing your pet with kibble-kindness: Overweight pets are affect by many of the health issues humans...

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Causes ... s, where it is broken down to produce energy. However, if you have type 2 diabetes, there is either not enough ... » Read on
Risks ... each tab can contain very different amounts of acid. Research shows that a single tab can have as little as 25 micrograms of ac ... » Read on