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butterflygirl Cornwall, UK
christian mother 46yrs.  love dogs. love the lord.  suffer from PTSD, depression and... More
Danimal Boston, Massachusetts
When I was 18, my doctor said to me, "you have the spine of a 70-year old... More
Kyle was born at 23 Weeks and 4 days. He was a micro preemie weighing in at 545 grams. He was... More
Stephanie S. Jewett California
Stephanie Shore Jewett, RN, MBA I was born and raised in Iowa and I was very close to my... More
Saskia California
My mother was diagnosed with Parkinson's last year.  I am a health practicioner and as... More

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Bleeding ascribed to implantation is usually described as (unexpected) spotting.  The color....  Usually heavy quick flow is brighter red in nature & slower flow is darker.  This is regardless of implantation...
generally a blood test should be taken 12-14 DPO at the least, but considering the time from ovulation to implantation (on average of course) waiting 3-5 days from implantation would have a detectable...
in and of itself.  The range for implantation is (I believe) 7-12 DPO for a natural cycle.  Some women implant sooner than that but with transfers I am not entirely sure how it works as far as implantation. I would say that you should be able
if the beginning of your cycle was 27 May--- exactly what day did you last have sex? What is the average length of your cycles?   Do you use an ovulation detection method?  You mentioned cervical fluid but did not includ
Reader Question: How long do Breast Implants last? by Dr. John D. Medical DoctorHealth Maven Reader Question: I read someone said she had to get her implants re-done 20 or so years later. I thought that getting breast implants was a one-time thing. How long do breast implants...
Apology long overdue to Dow Corning over silicone implants by Dr. Robert O. Medical Doctor One of the true victims perpetrated by the American Silicone Breast Implant crisis of the early... has officially come around on this (long after science and the rest of the world did)? An editorial...
The Benefits of Undergoing Long Island Dental Implants by Merrilee Fullerton Medical Doctor Do you know that undergoing Long Island dental implants can give you a lot of benefits... will make your remaining natural teeth more effective in performing its function on chewing and grinding. Since implants...
Long-term follow-up of infants (4-11 months) fitted with cochlear implants by Lily's Dad Patient Expert By request, here is an abstract on the importance of early implantation with Cochlear Implants.  The article reminds me of how hard we pushed to get Lily implanted early...
Replacing Your Missing Tooth with Long Island Dental Implants by Merrilee Fullerton Medical Doctor ? If yes, consider getting long island dental implants . Having missing teeth can cause discomfort... again and enjoy better health by replacing your tooth with a dental implant.     ...
An Implant Is an Implant Is an Implant by The Verigin Dental Health Team Doctor of Dentistry related” instead of “implant related.”) But is longevity the best measure? Mercury amalgam lasts a long...   It’s easy to understand why dental implants appeal. Aesthetically and functionally...

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