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Hysterical Tea Bagging And Freedom Works Video by Gillette .. Patient Expert Guess I'm on a video role. Gotta say this is one thing I love about much cool stuff shared. This one cracked me up. Each of the five times I've watched it.
Colonoscopy Week Live! - 8am, 1st Laxative by Martin Patient Expert I needed to empty my bag. I guess the laxative is working then. I haven’t eaten anything for about 12... within easy reach of a toilet once you have taken this medication. Avoid travelling or going to work...
Wednesday's diary on a Thursday 6.5 - Colonoscopy Week Live Special! by Martin Patient Expert Nearly forgot WDOAT. What am I like. Wednesday 17th June: 8.45am Empty bag 9.25am Empty bag 9.35am Change bag 11.40am Empty bag 1.50pm Empty bag 4.30pm Empty bag 5.10pm Empty bag 7.10pm Empty
Results and More Updates!!! by livingdaytodaywithmultiplesclerosis Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook by saying that prepping for the colonoscopy is no fun.. But both the Colonoscopy and Endoscopy came back... need a colostomy bag or anything like that. I am going to see the Specialist in Chicago to see...
Breakfast and my T2 Bag by Dr. Heather S. Medical Doctor Recently, I've changed what I eat for breakfast. Over the past year I've been working out most mornings before work, and I have found that just a bowl of cereal leaves me absolutely ravenous by 10...
10 Ways to Find Your Motivation to Work Out After Work by Fit Bottomed Girls Patient Expert all been there. You’ve just left work, have your gym bag packed and sitting in the passenger’s seat next to you. The exit... a bag and go right after work. In fact… ...
Trying to not be a douche-bag. Or a hoe-bag. by annhertel Patient ExpertHealth Maven ... and I came up with the decision to knock that crap off. If it happens to work out, I think it may be nice to find a good guy...
Colonoscopy Week Live! - The Colonoscopy by Martin Patient Expert The colonoscopy requires you to have a sedative injection. It is imperative that you arrange... over who would come with me to the hospital. The letter from the hospital clearly states no escort, no colonoscopy. My girlfriend...
Five Ways to Work Out without Working Out by Beth F. Patient Expert the fat from my lower half without me realizing I'm actually working out. 1. Rollerblading - Back... and then collapse on the train. Do not, under any circumstances buy a bag of pretzels before you board the train...
Washing Zipper Bags With Bag-E-Wash by MC Milker Healthy Living Professional on nasty chemicals leaching out of zipper bags? For more great Works for me Wednesday ideas... was that I was somewhat appalled at how many plastic zippered bags I was using and made an attempt...

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