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Calorie Facts & How to easily cut 100 calories a day by Tara B. Patient Expert you would lose about 10 pounds. If you wanted to lose more weight, you could cut about 500 calories a day...! How many calories a day do you need to maintain your current weight? Here’s a calculator that can assess...
enough calories when you are exercising a lot or it will actually slow your metabolism. Hi Karen! Good... who consider their activity as purely creating a deficit, while not realizing you need calories to sustain...
Roxy ,is a doctor overseeing this diet you are on? Hi Roxy... what do you expect to achieve by limiting your calories to 200/day?  
I agree with the alchemist but as long as you continue this regimen you will lose weight. At some point you will reach your weight goal and then stop. However realistically you may not be able to continue such a hard and dema
me about your post was the idea that we can burn calories from talking on the phone. I had no idea! No more sending... because I can burn off those calories during the conversation! hahaha It is funny, though. People seem to gain...
Cut 500 calories a day by C.L. R. I just read that if you cut 500 calories a day from your diet, you'll lose weight. Also, a healthy weight to take off is up to 2 pounds per week. That sounds about right to me - does it work
Burn 300 calories a day by Swati S. Did you know that 40 minutes of brisk walking helps you burn 300 calories. I know everyone knows that walking is good, but it helps to have the numbers in front.
others, like Oprah did, when they went off very low calorie diets. ...
You will need to make every single calorie count to protect your vital organs from damage. Avoid all nutrient depleted processed and cooked foods and concentrate on foods rich in essential fats especially EPA...
been in the hospital for 4 days. most the foods were healthy heres what i had: 2 peices pizza garlic bread a smoothie...

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In the tradition of Jillian Michaels star of the...

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