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Horse Cough

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agingishard California
I am 37, I have been married for 19 years, I married my first and only boyfriend! We have two... More
valcingetorix California
Medical: Mother, brother, and my oldest daughter all have bipolar diagnoses. My diagnosis is... More
williampaul California
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bridettehodsi California
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scorp Kissimmee, Florida
I am from Kissimmee, Florida, (originally from N.W. Ohio) I am soon to be 60 y.o. with Double... More

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Cough cough cough by Amy G. Patient ExpertHealth Maven along the Iron Horse Trail in Danville. Turns out it was the correct decision and except for an aching back...
Of hooves and horses by Carrie A. Patient ExpertHealth Maven If you hear hooves, the saying goes, think horses not zebras. The advice for doctors encourages them to think of simple pneumonia with an unrelenting, raspy cough in February rather than an exotic fungal...
Asthma in Cats and Horses by Dr. Patty Khuly Doctor of Veterinary Medicine . This got me to thinking about asthma in pets.   Of all companion animals, cats and horses are the most likely... is another term you might hear. In horses, the condition is a little different and may go by the name "recurrent...
Cough, cough , cough !!! by jasmine a. Patient Expert and are coughing a lot like I was then do try to support your back when coughing. If you have back issues a hard cough can really rack your body and hurt your back. I got some bad backache just because of the physical...
If you are short of breath or have a fever, you should definitely see your doctor! What you may need depends on many other factors (age, previous conditions, your physical exam, and so on)
There are cough syrups and there are cough syrups by Kamal S. Patient ExpertHealth Maven and a cough syrup. Two more days. No luck. One evening, my temperature touched 102 degrees Fahrenheit... since. Dr. Parekh examined my throat and lungs and asked me to cough. One sound of the cough...
Cough, cough - get back here lung! by Gabriela R. Health Maven for these type of yuckies. I've been dealing with a cough that I seriously think is trying to expel a lung from my body...
Cough! Cough! Coughcoughcough! by Amy G. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Damn, I feel like a slug. Lets see, the tally for Sunday and Monday is Running: none Cross-training: none Knitting: none Work: none Boxes of Kleenex: 1 I called in sick yesterday and managed to do nothing
Is It a Cough or Asthma - Both - Cough Varient Asthma by Jennifer O. Patient Expert on the type of asthma he has - Cough Variant Asthma. Many doctors failed to diagnose what was wrong with him, and we had many claim it was simply yet another bout of bronchitis, croup, or just a really nasty cough. Even...

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