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Hoarse Crying

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Princeline R. Phoenix, Arizona
JN. 12, 2005,  as I did my breast exam each month…hum, what’s... More
Wendy H. Durham, NC
A little about me....I'm a bit of an idealist.  I want everyone to be happy and think... More
cynthiay77 Pembroke, New Hampshire
Debra.Collins Badger, California
My name is Debra Collins. I majored in Biology in college and work as a research assistant.... More
Myra C California
I am a parent of a 12 year old child that has had to become an adult way to early. We have dealt... More

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cry Cry CRY! by Angeline Patient Expert A baby’s first language is cry. That is a God-given gift. That was the only way a baby..., the baby is smart enough to know that crying has become a weapon. The baby grows to a toddler...
To Cry or Not to Cry by eatnormalnow Healthy Living Professional necessarily true. I see two types of clients: those who cry easily and those for whom shedding a tear... toward a healthier middle ground.   Some clients begin to cry the minute they sit down on my office couch...
Palin’s Ad Doesn’t Cry Wolf, It Makes the Wolves Cry by Trish S. Patient Expert To reiterate the message from my post Sarah Palin’s Office is Dedicated to Protecting Animals…or Not, check out this YouTube video that was sent to me from a friend on the Care2 network. It shows Palin’s stance on aerial wol
This sounds very much like my daughter with autism. Perhaps you could direct mom's attention to a news story or some neutral source about autism, and gently ask if she's spoken about her child's development with her doctor. I
You could be dealing with a slight case of depression.  How long has this been going on?  If it's been over two weeks then I would definitely suggest that you see your doctor.  You don't have to live like this... Best advice
Hoarseness can go along with the aspiration pneumonia from inflammation of the bronchi.  Her vocal cords might also have been affected.  The swelling in her feet and legs could indicate a secondary...
You have mononucleosis. I'm not a doctor- just a patient. Does it hurt to swallow? Have you been to the doctor to be tested for strep throat? Are you running a fever? The swollen glands, fatigue, and throat sound like the st
Does she have lupus?  (You posted in the lupus community) Because 1 year old is so young, an infection can become a serious thing quite quickly.  You need to check often if she has a fever, and if one develops, get her to a
Oh my dear Mommy.  Struggling to raise our children, is very normal!  I think most moms experience this roller coaster of feeling like we're doing a good job and our kids are behaviing, and then having those days when you fe
Check her paw thoroughly, parting the toes and checking between them top and bottm for  cuts, punctures, foreign bodies, ticks, evidence of stings, etc and treat accordingly. If there's no sign of external trauma, it's possib

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Symptoms ... ypothyroidism are dull facial expressions and a low-pitched and hoarse voice. Skin is often dry and scaly, cold, thickened and c ... » Read on
Symptoms ... ncer of the larynx is a change in the voice. There is permanent hoarseness. This is important to remember, as a hoarse voice is ... » Read on