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Jenna Smith California
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AlMPartridge Pickering, CA
I have Cerebral Palsy.  I support mentorship and advocating for causes that I believe... More
Julie M. Birmingham, Alabama
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Aaronfoles California
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Sheryl R. Los Angeles, California
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Why I admire women with vaginismus who come for infertility treatment by Dr. Aniruddha M. Medical Doctor Vaginismus is an extremely distressing problem where the woman is medically completely normal , but because of an involuntary spasm of the vagina muscles , she cannot allow vagina intercourse. Women with vaginismus...
Botox Appears Helpful For Vaginal Spasms & Pain by Jill O. Patient ExpertHealth Impact Award Here’s another novel use for botox, the treatment of painful vaginal spasms. It looks like it could be VERY helpful for patients struggling with vaginismus. Please share!
Plantar Fasciitis: HelpMeHelpMeHelpMe! [Plus Fitness Shoe Porn & Under Armour Giveaway!] by Charlotte H. Patient Expert   Remember this not-so-sneaky pose? (I would hope so, it’s from yesterday’s post.) Well, you’re looking at the last pic of me pain-free, Wednesday morning. Ever since Wednesday evening I’ve been hobbling around my
health conditions. Yoga as a therapy would not treat infertility itself but will be helpful in treating..., Nispanda Bhava,Padollanasana and Shavasana are very helpful. But these should be done under the supervision...
, modalities such as ice/heat/estim that also may be beneficial. Doing neck stretches or yoga may also help...
Realistically , it is almost impossible for you to lose that much weight so quickly without major surgery to close up most of your stomach. And I am not suggesting that at all. But why don't you join Weight Watchers for teen
Dogs may lick themselves for medical and/or behavioral reasons. For example, a dog may start licking a wound on the leg, but do so so energetically that the licking slows down the healing process. Dogs with joint problems
Self Help Blogger & The Limits of Self Help by Dr. Elisabeth Kuhn Doctor of Philosophy It’s time for this self help blog blogger to address my thoughts about my recent health scare:  The limits of self help! What do I mean by that? As you know if you’ve been following...
Support Groups – Self Help is the Best Help by Dr. Aniruddha M. Medical Doctor your doctor! The very act of sharing the emotional side of an illness and exchanging helpful advice... with other caregivers can help you recognize that occasionally feeling resentful and sad is normal. Many group...
If You Are an Overweight Woman, Should You Turn to Self-Help or Professional Help? by Doctor of Philosophy by Maria' s Last Diet Self-help is certainly a viable way to solve a problem. In the U.S. we are big users of self-help. Did you know there are at least 2000 self-help books published each year...

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Self-help ... There are a few different methods and self-help techniques that help treat vaginismus. The good news is, it ... » Read on
Treatment ... of taking time to see if the problem sorts itself out with self-help techniques (see our Self-help section). In this case, getti ... » Read on