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Carrie H. Lake Jackson, Texas
I am a weight management professional and a personal trainer, certified (in both areas) by the... More
watosiha new london, Wisconsin
I am a married, active 49 year old with two adult children.  A strong history of heart... More
content_emerald California
hi, i'm 20 years old. my dad's side of the family is English, Scotish, and Irish. my mom's side... More
wendy California
Hi my name is wendy .I'm  happily married  with a family.. I have been thin from 128... More
daisygirl California
I am 32, my husband is 37.  We have been married for 7 months!  I have a 14 yr old... More

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about it. I've not heard about it being used for "heavy period" per se. Before taking like Dong Quai or... it. A heavy period by itself is inconvenient, but not necessarily a problem if you are not anemic...
, it CAN be normal. Heavy and/or prolonged bleeding during perimenopause can be a normal variant. I had my period... to skip periods during perimenopause; others of us have our periods multiple times a month or for a couple...
Dear Igualteca, Certainly, in perimenopause, there can be skipped periods, extra periods, or weeks of spotting. Each woman is unique in her perimenopause/menopause so the best way...
Well, I don't know what you guys did but you're young enough that your menses are still irregular so more likely than not, that's the cause of your light flow followed by brown spotting turning into heavier bleeding.  Of cou
"  both of which should help ya in the whole conception game   sorry my last period started june 16 it was regular and lasted about 7 days    sorry my last period started june 16 it was regular and lasted about 7 days...
. If you continue to have extra periods or experience heavy bleeding, you may want to be checked by your MD with ultrasound or endometrial biopsy to rule out other causes. Heavy bleeding and extra periods during menopause...
Expert advice for heavy periods by Dave W Healthy Living ProfessionalFacebook about irregular, heavy or painful periods. This is a difficult area for most doctors and one where the expert is really needed - any woman will be worried about whether her unusually heavy or painful menstrual period...
FDA Approves Boston Scientific Genesys HTA™ System For Menorrhagia – Heavy and Prolonged Menstrual Periods by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven heavy and prolonged menstrual bleeding.  An estimated 10 million women in the U.S. suffer...
Loss and Grief in Pregnancy and the Postpartum Period by Atlanta Mom .. Patient Expert others... Did you experience a loss during pregnancy or the postpartum period?  How did it impact your mental health... for the postpartum period if you had known that you were at greater risk? ...
Contraception during the Postpartum period by Atlanta Mom .. Patient Expert I know that when I was initially postpartum, especially when I was feeling my worst... postpartum mood disorders are at special risk of becoming pregnant again because of the extra stress...

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Diagnosis ... If you feel that your periods are unusually 'heavy', you should see your doctor who will be able to investiga ... » Read on
Complications ... For example, you may get: heavy periods (menorrhagia), painful period ... » Read on