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lanesgran South Carolina
Hi I'm Married almost 30 yrs :O 2kids,2 gran babys,2 dogs & 2 cats!Thats the family now I... More
Dalene Tyler, Texas
i am a disabled lady. married. have 2 grandchildren, and 4boys 1girl and 3 stepdaughters. i have a... More
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OatsnBows California
My name is Michelle. I love all of the lovely things in life. And the lovely things in life... More
After health problems I had to quit smoking, I discovered laser therapy in 1991 and if I was a... More

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thanks for the answer,but i dont like my dog to get pregnant..could it be possible to get pregnant if something happen once only on the 15th day of menstruation? I'm assuming your saying your dog is in heat
Yep, I'd still have it checked out. It's hard for us to tell you what to do when we can't see exactly what you're asking about. It's intermittent, not regularly. I'm wondering if it's due to cedar pollen or allergies. My gre
, get some very mixed replies as inversions during menstruation is a hot-button topic yoga (asana). I'll... and Sri Aurobindo. During menstruation a woman's energetic flow is a downward flow (from the heart down...
The frequency, volume & flow rate of your menstrual cycle can vary from month to month or it can be as steady as a clock.  It can also change with time and is in fact expected to decrease in frequency, volume & flow rate as y
I'm 50 and I at the 3rd month of skiping menstruations , I'm thinking I'm pregant, I had 5 kids... that you are entering menopause transition. For more info on heavy bleeding, here is one of my blog posts addressing...
Well, I don't know what you guys did but you're young enough that your menses are still irregular so more likely than not, that's the cause of your light flow followed by brown spotting turning into heavier bleeding.  Of cou
FDA Approves Boston Scientific Genesys HTA™ System For Menorrhagia – Heavy and Prolonged Menstrual Periods by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven heavy and prolonged menstrual bleeding.  An estimated 10 million women in the U.S. suffer...
What’s a BDLD (Big-Dog-Little-Dog)? ...And Why You Should Care by Dr. Patty Khuly Doctor of Veterinary Medicine if the little dog survives an acute, heavy-duty trauma like lung bruising (pulmonary contusions), bladder... Got a small dog? A big dog? Chances are you have one or the other. Either way, you should know...
Healthy Dog Food: A Guide to Natural Dog Food by heru m. Patient Expert . Grains are not an optimal source of protein for dogs; a diet heavy in grains and carbohydrates may cause... A well-balanced diet is the most important thing you can give your dog in terms...
Dog Pregnancy – Caring Fоr а Pregnant Dog by heru m. Patient Expert obvious signs оf dog pregnancy, whісh generally manifest аftеr three weeks оf initial breeding... durіng dog gestation. Іt соuld lаst 56 tо 69 days frоm thе dаtе оf fіrst breeding аnd соuld bе slіghtlу...

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