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Hearing Test by xoxomarebear Patient Expert and the difficulty in getting accurate results unless she is very sound asleep. She continues to have no hearing... because Cisplatin, one of her chemotherapy agents, is infamous for causing high-tone hearing loss. In fact...
Hearing Test by Hector and Jennifer V. Patient Expert We had our third hearing test this week with the Audiologist. She did an ABR (auditory brainstem response test) that requires the baby be sleeping with different monitors taped on his forehead and behind...
Hearing Test by Sarah Patient Expert Violet had hearing test today, which went quite well. They are unable to test individual ears.... The tests they did perform today showed she did have overall good hearing. But due to the whole left side...
Fun Hearing Test by Lily's Dad Patient Expert Here is a fun hearing test to see what sounds you can hear.  What is the highest frequency you can hear?  
At Home Hearing Test by Stephanie B. Patient Expert It appears that Aiden can hear. How do I know? We did an impromptu hearing test. Normally, Aiden wants to chase the vacuum around the house. The water heater that is housed in our garage...
Bilateral CI Hearing Test Results by Laurie P. Patient Expert and have our four children. On August 13th, I had my hearing tested with both CI's and recieved the audiological...%!!! Also, while I was in the booth being tested, I could hear every "little" sound I made, whether it was moving in my chair...
Understanding an audiogram (hearing test results) by Steve C. Patient Expert An audiogram is a record of a hearing test. In other words, it is a graph that shows how well... at Understanding an audiogram (hearing test results)
BAER Hearing Test Results by Susan Patient Expert hearing tests were unable to be completed. I wanted answers, so we added a BAER test onto the schedule... If you are a regular follower of Ainsley's blog you know we've been concerned about her hearing...
Hearing Test by Nathan L. Patient Expert will be sedated and given an ABR (Auditory Brainstem Response) Hearing Test. Although we're not sure if we'll learn of the results tomorrow or at a later date, this test should help determine if Gwyneth has hearing...
Stella's Hearing Test by Megan F. Patient Expert us to the EEG lab to do a more complete test, rather than just going back to their office to do the same test again. The more complete test Stella can either pass in both ears or, if not, it will show us where the issue...

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When it should be done Babies are given a routine hearing test within 48 hours of being born. Children then have r ... » Read on
Why it is necessary Hearing tests are given to check for hearing impairments. Some p ... » Read on