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Hey there! Im Grace and I just happen to be fat. I am on my weight loss journey to lose more than... More
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Kiq O. york, New York
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Really cool

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you provided, you are still in the healthy category in 70th percentile range.  As long as you maintain a healthy exercise routine and stay away from the excessive junk foods and sugared drinks...
Contest: Guess My Body Fat Percentage by Mark S. Healthy Living Professional barker, guess my body fat and win a Damage Control Master Formula. The winner will be the one who, before tomorrow’s post, guesses what the “gold standard” hydrostatic test showed my body fat percentage...
How to Reduce Body Fat Percentage by Lucy J. Patient Expert used to help assess the level of body fat that you have and to give a range of what is healthy... which have come onto the market during the last few years, some help reduce body fat percentage, while others are less helpful...
Range of Percentage Body Fat in Different People by Big Daddy D. Patient Expert I feel that it is very important to use your percentage body fat rather than weight for setting... of Percent Body Fat in Different People (Percent body fat found through the method of underwater immersion...
Determing Body Fat Percentage by Neil Kao Medical Doctor My brother asked me today about how to measure his body fat. There is not one accepted best way to measure a person's body fat. Several ways have been described and there are commercially available tools...
Body Fat... Body Awareness... by Tawnee Prazak Healthy Living Professional . --- Speaking of bare minimums... The lowest essential body fat percentage: According Sports Nutrition... from VO2max to body fat to iron levels. It will help keep you healthy and make you faster! --- Body Fat...
Weight Loss-Burn and Lose Fat For Healthy Weight Loss by Ralph S. Certified Nurse Specialist overall density and body fat percentage. Considered the “Gold Standard”, it is however, inconvenient and not... of this article can give you the roadmap to success in a healthy fat and weight loss plan. Cutting Calories...
Eat Healthy Fats, Burn Body Fat by Mark D. Healthy Living Professional Don't confuse eating healthy fats with your body fat! You need to eat healthy dietary fats every day! How much (or how little) body fat you have depends on how many calories you eat and burn...
Sounds like you're doing everything right. Joe is correct 1-2 lbs average is great. You're much more likely to maintain weight loss that is achieved in this manner than you are to maintain losses from crash or fad diets. H

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Introduction ... Obesity is when a person is carrying too much body fat for their height and sex. A person is considered obese ... » Read on
Treatment ... Try to change your eating habits for the long term, choosing a healthy balanced diet instead of cutting out particular food gro ... » Read on